Career Services begins month of resume workshops

Maria Lopez, Online Editor

In today’s job market, looking for a job can be a daunting task, especially when one doesn’t know the basics of how to get started. Students got a chance to learn the basics of one of the first steps in getting a job: making a resume.

An hour-long Resume Basics Workshop was presented by Clara Ross on Wednesday, Oct. 1. It was the first in a series of workshops given by Career Services in preparation for the upcoming Job Fair happening on campus on Tuesday, Oct. 21.

The workshop was meant as a quick rundown of information that helped students learn the basics on how to make a resume.

Ross went through an example of a bad resume with students and reviewed common errors. She provided a thorough, yet quick review on what a good resume should have.

“I always love for more students to come but I thought we had a great turnout and I thought the students had some excellent questions and provided some good feedback,” she said.

Marvin Castañeda, an accounting major, attended the workshop even though he currently is not looking for a job.

“It was very educational; I enjoyed it,” he said. “Just having a talk with an actual counselor, a person that can put you in position in an interview was great exposure.”

Castañeda says that he wants to excel his education and learn more about resumes and related subjects before he begins applying to jobs.

Ross said that her job in the Career Center is to connect student’s majors to the job market, help them practice their interview skills and connect them to potential employers.

According to Ross, any type of work or project that students have done, no matter how small, could be used in a resume as long as it showcases skills an employer would want.

Career Services is providing resume critiques this semester during the first and third Wednesday of every month.

“Myself and my colleague Allison Fujii will be having drop-ins, so if students want to come by and show us a quick draft of their resume and get some feedback.”

Ross says that if students can’t visit the Career Services Center, they can schedule an appointment.

“It’s great to have students come in because we’re able to tweak and tailor and talk to them about cover letters and also talk to them about interview preparations,” she said.

Ross says that it’s important for students to think ahead of the resume and prepare for the interview where employers get to see who they could potentially hire. So far, the critiques are only being given this semester but she says that they will probably be given in spring, too.