Fall Banquet approved, committee to start accepting nominations

Jennifer Medina, Associate News Editor

After many pros and cons from commissioners and senators, the Fall Banquet Awards is now officially approved and applications are now available for grabs to any student that is involved in a club, as was decided at the ASCC Cabinet meeting Monday, Oct. 27.

During the meeting, President Miles Aiello appointed two assistant commissioners to be on the on the Fall Banquet Committee to choose the students that will receive an award at the banquet.

The applications for the banquet will be due Nov. 10.

Another upcoming event is the ASCC Zombie Fest, which will take place Thursday, Oct. 30, at 11 a.m. at Falcon Square.

For the event, student commissioners were handed out a list of how they will be serving and working together while the Zombie Fest takes place so everything can work out perfectly for the students participating.

The ASCC members have also been planning out things such as costume contests and pumpkin patches, with these two events also taking place at Falcon Square.

On another note, everything is completely ready for the Veterans Day event and ASCC members will be out on campus promoting the event this week.