Campus safety, Fall Banquet and Veterans Day discussed during meeting

Jennifer Medina, Associate News Editor

“Be aware of your surroundings; when you go inside a room, check for exits. And in case of an emergency, evacuate, run, keep your hands visible, leave your belongings behind, silence your cell phones,” Interim Police Chief Tom Gallivan said during a brief presentation during the ASCC Cabinet meeting Monday, Nov. 3.

Gallivan discussed the importance of being safe and knowing what to do in case of an emergency, such as a shooting on campus.

This topic was the most prominent discussed after the Fall Awards Banquet discussion.

A significant amount of public showed up mostly to discuss the the Fall Awards Banquet.

Seven students gave a brief two-minute speech on why or why not should the awards take place.

Out of the seven students that spoke, three were for keeping the awards and four were against it.

After the heated discussion of the public and the repeated vote of the Cabinet members, the majority of the votes were for keeping this so-talked-about event.

After Senate went against keeping the awards last week, Cabinet took a stand on keeping the banquet.

Another event that’s coming up is the Veterans Day event. Cabinet members are completely ready for the event.

The event is taking place from 11 a.m. to noon on Nov. 10 at the Burnight Center steps.