Fall Awards Banquet to be re-evaluated, Safe Zone budget passed


Julien Galvan, Staff Writer

Note: A previous report that Cabinet approved the Fall Awards Banquet was misinterpreted, stating that the Fall Awards Banquet was approved for the semester.  Apologies all around for the error. 

Normal story is as follows: 

The ASCC Senate met to discuss a variety of topics including a vote on keeping the Fall Awards Banquet, Zombie Fest and a “Safe Zone” training program for faculty and staff regarding the LGBT community in BK 111 on Wednesday, Oct. 29.

One of the topics that was discussed in depth was the canceling of the Fall Awards Banquet. The Senate came to a vote and the consensus was to cancel the Fall Awards Banquet.

This means that the banquet will be pushed back to the cabinet to be reevaluated.

“I know the idea is to use the money for something better,” Aldemar Sanchez, Senate Pro Temp, said.

“But at the same time, I don’t approve of it because we have so much money in reserve that we have that we can use for all of that and we just have it sitting in our reserves.”

He added, “So using the $13,000 for a banquet for the students is something that is really great, because we’re giving back to those students.”

Another topic of discussion was in regard to a “Safe Zone” training program for faculty and staff in regards to the LGBT community.

“It’s really important that we address a lot of diversity on campus,” Carlos Caguioa, ASCC Vice President, said. “Part of that diversity is the LGBT community. Having this kind of ‘Safe Zone’ training, not just for faculty, but for students, is really beneficial to the diversity that we have here, and really good to have here at Cerritos College.”

The Senate approved the budget for the “Safe Zone” program training.

The ASCC Senate will meet again in BK 111 on Nov. 5.