Bike thefts, library issues addressed in Student Life committee

Luis Guzman

Issues about campus safety and access to resources were addressed at the Student Life Committee meeting Thursday, Nov. 6.

In the meeting, Police Chief Tom Gallivan talked about the spike in bike thefts, with 16 bike thefts in total for the month of October at Cerritos College.

Ongoing discussion will take place in future meetings on finding ways to address the thefts, with talks of having different locations for places where students can lock up their bikes.

Another issue brought up in the meeting was problems with the library.

There had been reports of excessive noise and improper student conduct at the library, with reports of staff being harassed.

Some  people said that the problem is that students don’t have a place to hang out.

The committee talked solutions, such as creating places around the campus for students to hangout.

Dr. Gilbert Contreas, dean of student services, updated the committee about Fresh and Natural.

Fresh and Natural has already gone through a reevaluation of its restaurant rating, due to the “C” rating it got back in September.

What was announced during the meeting was that the commencement ceremony for next year will be changed from the football field to the gym.

Also addressed was that the school needs more volunteers for crowd control and better ways of giving students information about the ceremony.

The school is currently waiting to see what the rating for Fresh and Natural will be after its reevaluation.

The Student Life Committee meets on the first Thursday of the month at 1 p.m.