StubHub Center host to Veterans Day celebration

Denny Cristales, Editor-in-Chief

Brady Mazzola, a founder of the Watering Seeds organization, is helping orchestrate a Veterans Day celebration at the StubHub Center in Carson, featuring paralympic athletes, veterans and a guest singer from The Voice.

Watering Seeds is an organization dedicated to promoting healthy and active lifestyles for disabled veterans and athletes.

At the StubHub Center in Carson from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Veterans Day celebration will feature athletes such as Anthony Lara and David Buck, top-team USA wheel-chair Olympians, in addition to wheel-chair basketball and top rowers from the paralympics.

Will Champlin from The Voice will also provide a guest appearance.

Community interactive clinics and contests will also be present to promote veteran youth and community participation.

Mazzola said, “It’s a paralypmic experience where those can come out and be mentored by some of the best on the planet in the paralmpic arena.”

Gayle Parks, WPMD radio host, said, “This is just more than an event.  This event was set aside for the families to get together, a gathering for veterans caregiving their loved ones …  Everyone that comes will be educated about our heroes.”

The Master of Ceremonies will be Bob Zealand, a former Vietnam veteran of the year who walked across America on his hands.

Dubbed “Mr. Inspiration” by former President Ronald Reagan, Zealand is a double amputee who lost both of his limbs in an IED explosion in 1969.

He is there, along with other veterans, to provide an inspiring type of atmosphere.

Mazzola said, “It’s a lot of work. It’s so much work to pull it together, but by the grace of God – I pray every day that he brings the right people to me – I just use the right discernment to work with the right people. We have a group of professionals. ”