ASCC Senate shows its support for President Lacy


Here the ASCC Senate is beginning their meeting in BK 111 Photo credit: Julien Galvan

Julien Galvan, Staff Wrtier

The ASCC Senate met in BK 111 to discuss some topics pertaining to the future of Cerritos College and its students on Wednesday, Nov. 12.

One topic was discussed for the majority of the meeting, which was the stance on Dr. Linda Lacy’s employment here at Cerritos College. Another was on the topic of a “Theatre Department Graphic Design Concept Contest.”

Recently here on campus, people gathered outside of Dr. Lacy’s office to protest and ask for Dr. Lacy’s early resignation, even though she had declared that she will be retiring as of June 2015.

ASCC Senate showed its support for Linda Lacy.

“On a personal note, I would definitely support her,” Charles Caguioa, ASCC Vice President, said.

“As a presiding officer and as vice president, I’m definitely happy for my senate engaging in discussion, being able to provide enough insight from both side of whether or not (it will) want to take her support or not, and being able to take it from there and see where (it) want(s) to go.”

Other members of ASCC voiced their opinions in support for Dr. Lacy by pointing out different reasons as to why it seems pointless to ask for her resignation, as she will resigning, anyway.

ASCC Cabinet and Senate are teaming together to support Dr. Lacy.

The ASCC Senate will meet again in BK 111 on Wednesday, Nov. 19.