Longer Senate sessions, budget discussed during Senate meeting

Julien Galvan

The ASCC Senate has gathered together once more in BK 111 to discuss various topics regarding the future of Cerritos College on Wed., Dec. 3.

Some things were discussed, such as the designation of a new “Commissioner of Nighttime Activities,” and even a budget overview and a general assembly overview.

A general discussion was held in regard to the budget, discussing where the money is allocated to over all facets of Cerritos College, including academics and extra-curricular activities.

Also included in the presentation were plans for how the budget can be allocated next year and how it can save the school more money, which of course means more to use for programs.

Another part of the meeting was spent talking about extending ASCC Senate meetings to two-hour sessions. Senators and others discussed both sides of the argument whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. One argument used as a pro is that it shows dedication from the senators that they want to be involved in the student government process.

Of course, an argument used as a con during discussion was that it would cut deeper into the time that the senators need as students than it already does. As it is, a noticeable portion of senators have to leave at least 30 minutes before the meeting is over because of their class schedules.

During the public forum, members of the Talon Marks newspaper, Managing Editor Daniel Green, and Gustavo Lopez, news editor, spoke out about a motion that the Faculty Senate presented in regards to new media procedures.

This would mean that all forms of news media would have to have staff and students to sign a release form (or forms) in order to take photos, video or even just interviewing someone. And even an interviewee would need a PR person present during the interview.

The Talon Marks editors expressed concern, saying that it is a form of censorship and that it limits the newspaper’s ability to report the news as it happens.

The ASCC Senate will meet again Dec. 10 in BK 111 in its final meeting.