In-N-Out truck visits Cerritos College

Mario Jimenez, Staff Writer


Every semester during welcome week Cerritos College invites the In-N-Out truck to give away free meals to students.

This year is no different as students lined up at Falcon Square for free burgers. Mechanical engineering major Jesus Ramirez appreciates the free burgers after a long day at school, “I haven’t eaten anything all day and it’s a free burger so why not?”

Although the burgers are free, the one thing required to get a free meal is the spring 2015 student activities sticker.

Ramirez acknowledges that the lines were pretty long, but well worth the wait, “People are hungry and coming out of class late and it’s a big line but they’re free.”

ASCC Senator Dayanna Arana explains how this event is made possible, “It’s made possible through our ASCC, which is the Associated students of Cerritos College. We work together to provide this for the students so that they feel welcomed.”

Arana says that Welcome Week events are meant to make students aware of the many resources provided to them by Cerritos College, such as student government, financial aid and career services and etc.

Biology major Hanna Luong said, “I think this is great. Lots of people come and line up and get free burgers.”

Luong said she thinks it’s a fantastic way to start off a semester.

The burgers were accompanied by a glass of water of some Lays potato chips. Whether potato chips and burgers go together depends on the person.

Luong doesn’t seem to mind the unusual combination, “I don’t think it really matters. I enjoy eating both fries and Lays, so it doesn’t affect me that much.”