Senate seats go unfilled

Lauren Torres, Staff Writer

During the first ASCC Senate meeting of the semester, 28 senators were present, as opposed to the usual 30, therefore the meeting was limited to only discussions, presentations, and information. Until the two remaining Senate seats are filled all items up for vote will be postponed.

Dayanna Arana, student senator and psychology major, seemed hopeful the seats would fill up soon. “We have a few people interested and five seats open for freshman, it’s a good opportunity.”

Senate convened to discuss the possibility of mobilizing the pep band unit, amending the ASCC Constitution, naming the new Falcon mascot, and updates on the bus transportation program.

The possibility of mobilizing the Cerritos pep band was presented to Senate as well.

According to the presentation this would help amp up school spirit and create a more positive atmosphere for students and athletes alike at games.

It was stated that the funds available for the pep band, which would cost about $5,000, and would come from a special projects account.

A special task force had been appointed to amend the ASCC constitution due to the outdated nature of it. The long process of this project has been taken over by a committee of thirteen students, which is open to both senators and non-government students.

Nino Garcia, senator and kinesiology major said “A lot of it doesn’t apply to what we do now…it’s fixing the grammar, fixing little words. Probably making it easier for the students to read.”

He added that for new senators the language might be hard to understand.

“They’ll know what they’re reading but they won’t be able to apply it and see how it works within our student government, so we want to go back and change the sentences, make it easier to read,” Nino said.

Senator Aldemar Sanchez also added that this is the first time a constitution task force has been formed, which is why the project has proven to be a long, difficult one.

Senate also discussed the naming of the new mascot, which is being decided by another task force made up of six Senate members.

Sanchez who is also on the mascot naming task force said, “I’m not really sure what we’re looking for yet, but something catchy, something that sticks.”

The name will be revealed after the unveiling of the new costume.

It was also mentioned briefly that research on the school’s bus transportation program is moving forward and currently collecting data from bus stops.