Guinness World record helped set by Cerritos students


The printers shown here are the AirWolf 3D printers used to make the prosthetic arms.

Sebastian Echeverry , Managing/ News Editor

Students of the New Product Development Program participated in a print-a-thon event held by a Costa Mesa based company, AirWolf3D, in which the students helped print 201 prosthetic hands and set a Guinness World record.

AirWolf3D held the charity event to provide those in need of prosthetic arms with 3D printed ones.

The Guinness World record set by the students was having the most 3D printing machines working in the same room.

Department for Engineering Design and Technology Dr. Miodrag Micic, also known as “Mickey,” gave guidance to the students on how to program and calibrate the machines.

“They [AirWolf3D] actually set up the event to try to break the world record for the largest number of 3D printers working on the same object,” Micic said.

“It was also for a good cause,” he continued, “because then the arms were donated to the organization who distributes them to the people in need.”

Micic and his students brought six 3D printers to the event to participate.

According to Micic, his students are well trained to operate the machines.

“Three of my students who started the company Astanark 3D were there and offered real world experience to the others.”

Elias Valdimir Lopez, Jonathan Luis Valdiva and Luis Daniel Mendez were the students that offered real world experience to the event.

“My role in the event was to setup the 3D printers we took to the event,” Lopez said.

Lopez and his team were sent to represent the Cerritos College Technology Division.

“The event was helpful because it help[ed] me introduce my company, Astanark 3D, to the 3D printers community, which allows me and my team to provide a service to all the owners of a desktop 3D printer in how to set up their printer to work well,” Lopez said.

“Also, the event give me an idea that all dreams are possible and with this technology me and my team can be part of this new revolution in manufacturing,” he continued.

According to Micic, the three students at the helm of Astanark 3D passed through some of his classes he teaches on campus.

“I think 3D printers are the present and the future,” Lopez said. “Technology that is allowing us to make things that we thought was impossible but now we now we can make a difference to other people life’s by making useful prosthetic hands.”