Health Fair gives students medical tips


Nursing majors educate Art Hanney, undecided major, on the problems with over using prescription pills. The Health Fair was held until 3 p.m. Photo credit: Gustavo Lopez

Sebastian Echeverry, Managing/ News Editor

The Health Fair located between The Hill and Falcon Square offered booths with tips from different health issues on campus, Tuesday, Feb. 17.

The student body commuting throughout the fair were waved down by nursing majors in the program to teach them things like STD prevention and the dangers of prescription pills.

Sonia Mellian, nursing major, was volunteering in the Prescription Abuse booth telling students the complications certain over-the-counter pills can come with.

“Our purpose is to teach the community on campus about prescription drug abuse, safe sex and hand washing techniques,” Mellian said.

The drugs described in Mellian’s booth are not heroine, marijuana or cocaine, nursing major Magdalene Popal explained.

“These are things [prescription pills] that mom and dad have,” Popal said. “In California, if you give your prescription to someone else and something happens to them, you’re liable for that person.”

Aside from the dangers of prescription pills, medical problems can also arise from not having clean hands.

According to Nicole Gutierrez, nursing major, statistics say that one out of six cellphones have fecal matter on them.

“Everyone takes their phone with them into the bathroom,” she said.

The Health Center helped the Health Fair by supplying the students who participated with flyers.

“A couple of our classmates, work at Kaiser [Permanente] and other hospitals and they [classmates] distributed pamphlets, so that’s how we got our information,” Gutierrez said.