Video game competition ends in a two-way tie capping off Falcon Games

Luis Guzman, Freelancer

Club members button-mashed their way to victory in the final day of the Falcon Games on Thursday, March 26.

It was a tie for first place with Psychology club, Architecture and Technology club taking it.

KabarKada club placed third place and the wild-card winner was M.U.N.

Cerritos College has hosted this event annually since 2012.

The event featured various games from Marvel vs. Capcom, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Burnout for many clubs to duke it out for scholarships.

Araceli Lopez, communications major, said that the lineup for the games was kept secret so the competition could remain more competitive but ICC did pick games that are nonviolent.

Even though clubs were competing against each other, it was meant to be a friendly activity for the club representatives to enjoy.

“It’s a way to help clubs also to release the stress throughout the whole semester from everything we’ve been going through,” Lopez said.

The competition was also an opportunity for club members to raise more for their club while at the same time have fun doing it, especially if it meant playing video games for Sirena Holan of Phi Beta Lambda.

“We need to raise a little bit of money for our club and I love playing the video games,” Holan said.

Victor Pinedo of Stem Club was ecstatic for the tournament format the organizers set up.

“Overall I liked how they set everything up, the tournament style was really cool,” Pinedo said. “I had a lot of fun today, I hope I can get to do this next year.”