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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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WPMD Broadcasting Club heads to Washington DC

Derrick Coleman
Joshua Negrete, practices his voice recording in the main studio at the WPMD broadcasting studios. Negrete is majoring in both music and business. Photo was taken on Oct. 22, 2019.

Cerritos College Student Senate has approved the requested funding to send the WPMD nominated students to Washington D.C for the award ceremony on Oct. 30

WPMD has been nominated once again for one of the best college radio stations in America. The club is heading to Washington D.C. to attend the Pinnacle Awards Ceremony.

The WMPD broadcasting club is a place where many students can practice their scripts, radio voice and production skills. Here, students who want to pursue the radio industry can get the training done at the broadcasting club.

Casey Piotrowski, club adviser and campus professor, keeps up with the dedicated students who commit their time and energy into creating radio shows, podcast, and sports news that will gain recognition.

One of the nominees is 21 year-old student, Julio Ramirez who is majoring in Film and is currently nominated for “Best live coverage of Student Info. day”.

Julio hosts his own radio show at WPMD studios entitled “Film Nerds” where he reviews and critics movies that are released within that same year.

“It feels really great to be a part of something where credit is due for the station and our hard work.”, Ramirez states.

Another student nominee is Carlos Madrigal who hosts his own DJ, Disc Jockey. His show is entitled the “New Jams Radio Hour” where it has been nominated by the Pinnacle Awards as “Best Entertainment Program in College Radio”.

These two nominees have added a major work ethic to produce a well-organized script and using program software that is provided by WPMD studios to edit their material before publishing it on air.

Ramirez and Madrigal aspire to show how students can make a difference at Cerritos College broadcasting club. WPMD studios has been known to have a mix of Donna Summer, The Beatles, and a dash of hip-hop featuring some popular groups such as A Tribe Called Quest and Tupac.

A person who is interested must know that not just anyone can come in and have their radio show approved. Casey Piotrowski will hold a try-out by doing a live broadcast of the student’s show while he sits in the room and takes notes.

WPMD can be streamed from a cellphone and can be heard almost at anytime and any place. This is to make it easier for students to actually hear the other work that students on campus have been creating.

Casey Piotrowski, who teaches History of Film and Radio and Intro into Theater, is thrilled to have these students represent the campus radio station and Cerritos College with passion and dedication they have for the studio and their work.

“We are here to promote the college and the rest of the world with student work that is created here at this radio station,” states Piotrowski.

The station’s goal is to promote almost everything on campus to reach news of events from other parts of the city, counties, states and countries reach as far as Switzerland.

There are a few college students who don’t even know that there is even a radio station on campus when asked

Piotrowski said, “I’d love to get us to do a little bit more sports. I love to get us better known on campus. I’d like this to win more. Get some of our hosts more recognition nationally. They deserve it.” Those are three things Piotrowski would like to see for WPMD.

There are so many opportunities a student can use when wanting to pursue this type of broadcasting industry and WPMD provides the training an experience when coming in to work on some headliners or to work on a live show.

An opportunity to make a difference to help the college campus promote some of the clubs meetings, sports events or even live guests just having a chat.

Some students have no idea that there is even a radio station on campus when asked about how they felt about WPMD going to D.C for the Piannacle Awards.

“What? I honestly didn’t even notice that we had a station here! I think it’s great that it’s student ran!”, states Jay Hernandez, 23, nursing major.

Hernandez also adds on that he is very proud of this accomplishment and that the station needs a lot more recognition but many others students who are oblivious to the station.

WPMD’s student nominees and advisor will return from the Washington DC trip on Nov. 3.

To find out more about the WPMD broadcasting club, Cerritos College provides a website to provide more info about the cub and how to sign up on OrgSync.com

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WPMD Broadcasting Club heads to Washington DC