Student trustee candidates seek out voters

Sebastian Echeverry, Managing/ News Editor

Students at Cerritos College were approached by ASCC president, vice president and student trustee candidates and asked to vote on Wednesday, April 8 to Thursday, April 9.

Located by the Bookstore and Falcon Square, campaigners with picket signs of their favored candidate, approached commuting students with flyers and information on why they should vote.

Dalia Jimenez, economy major, was holding a sign and handing out flyers in support of student trustee candidate Victor Villalobos.

“This is the most direct democracy we are ever going to get, where we actually are going to see the candidates, talk to them and we can actually approach them and say, ‘hey you promised me this and you didn’t do it,” she said.

Jimenez believes that the students have a voice on the Cerritos College campus and she wants to participate in that.

She said, “I like (Villalobos’) approach, he steps up for what he believes, he researches his priorities and presents them to the board.”

Jimenez said she chose to campaign for Villalobos because he sees different ways to approach an issue.

Across from the Bookstore, student trustee candidate, Suleyma Castillo’s campaigning party urged students to vote for their candidate.

Peter Choi, broadcast major, was a member of Castillo’s campaigning party.

He said, “(Suleyma) is a good person that I think can really help the students out better.”

Many campaigners sported T-shirts for the purpose to help students identify who they think they should vote for.

In Falcon square, student trustee candidate, Sana Khalid had her supporters asking students to take time to visit the voting booth near the Bookstore to vote for their candidate.

Oliva Rodriguez, economy major, supported Khalid in her efforts to try to get voted into the student trustee position.

“(Khalid) wants to bring more resources to students, so things like job fairs, she wants more of that for students,” she said.

Rodriguez added that students sometimes take too long to find the resources needed to succeed and for that reason Khalid wants to change that, winning over Rodriguez’s candidate decision.

The voting booths had heavy activity throughout the day, with students voting to see who would be it’s voice at future board of trustees meetings.