Senior Preview Day invites high school students to campus


High school seniors from local schools visit Cerritos College for Senior Preview Day Friday, April 24. Photo credit: Gustavo Lopez

Sebastian Echeverry, Managing/ News Editor

Music played in the amphitheater, Hot Dog on a Stick gave out food near the library sidewalk and clubs flooded Falcon Square to welcome high school seniors from local high schools Friday, April 24.

The turn out gave the clubs and courses on campus the chance to entice possible future Cerritos College students to join them.

Santa Fe High School student Sophia Martinez was impressed by the cleanly nature of the campus.

She said, “It’s a really nice school, it looks very clean and very well organized, I really like it.”

According to Martinez after the event she is now considering coming to community college.

“I am actually considering going to community college after coming today, I wasn’t planning on coming to Cerritos, but I kind of really do want to come here now,” she said.

A part from visiting Cerritos College, Martinez also visited Long Beach City College.

Monsera Ortiz, also from Santa Fe high school, is planning to study kinesiology.

She said an interesting thing she found out about Cerritos College is the numerous clubs.

She added, “I found it interesting how there’s really a lot of clubs on campus, I didn’t think that compared to Santa Fe high school there would be so many clubs.”

Ortiz wants to go to San Francisco State University, but community college is a place she wishes to attend first.

El Camino High School senior Britney Nunez found Cerritos College to be “nice and organized.”

She said, “I like it [Cerritos college] because everyone is looking into different subjects and I want to come here because I want to do ballet and occupational therapy.”

ASCC Senator Joseph Fierro said it was good to see all of Cerritos College’s representatives out on Falcon Square.

“It’s nice to see seniors engaged, I see them participating a lot and our student government leaders, Talon Marks, [Social] Equality Club and everyone is out here,” he said.

Fierro added that he wished to pay credit to those responsible for the clean campus.

“I have to give credit to where credit is due, Go Green Committee and I’m sure everyone involved tries to make this campus clean so kudos to them,” he said.