President’s announcement overshadowed by agenda items

Sebastian Echeverry

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The introduction of Dr. Linda Lacy’s successor, Dr. Jose Fierro, during the board of trustees meeting was overshadowed by other events that made the new president’s announcement seem minor.

The board meeting on Wednesday, June 3 opened up with public comments followed by the induction of the new student trustee,Victor Villalobos, who was a senator for the Associated Students of Cerritos College.

Following the induction the board heard comments from Tomas Requejo asking for change at Cerritos College and updates from Tilden-Coil construction company and a Wi-Fi update presentation led by Patrick O’Donnell.

The newly elected student president, Eduardo De La Rosa, also spoke about having the library, counseling and childcare hours extended until 10 p.m. to allow access to those students that come onto campus at later times.

Minister Anthony Tabores then took the podium and proceeded tell of a “war on the streets” and what was Cerritos College doing to stop this war.

He did not have a public comment card filled out to speak but proceeded to talk about community and challenged all the board members to educate the students that violence on the streets is not the answer.

When he finished speaking several members including Miles Aiello, spring semester ASCC president, De La Rosa and other professors followed Tabores out of the room to hear more about the minister.

“That man, is speaking from the heart,” Tabores said.

As the attention veered away from the board meeting and to the minister outside, a woman that did not put a name on her comment card stepped up to the podium and asked for a recall of Carmen Avalos’ position as Area 2 board member.

Aiello spoke about trying to have a 25-foot-tall sculpture of a falcon installed where the water fountain in Falcon Square currently stands.

“I want it to look strong and mighty,” Aiello said as he told the board he would look for ways to acquire funds to see his project through.

Dr. Carolyn Chambers retired from her services at Cerritos College and was given parting gifts by the board.

The board then looked at the final budget proposal set up by the student budgeting committee that caused so much debate and controversy in the ASCC government last spring.

The new budget for the 2015-2016 school year is $1,312,975 with a 37.2 percent increase to the special operations account and a 13.5 percent reduction to the administrations account.

Near the end of the open door board meeting, O’Donnell presented a powerpoint discussing an update to the Wi-Fi on campus.

He said, “We work with what the school needs to see where we can improve.”

According to O’Donnell any questions concerning the Wi-Fi can be sent to the email [email protected]