Tap Card program coming Spring 2016

Frank Rodarte

The Tap Card Program is an attempt to get free or a reduced rate for students that commute to campus via public transportation, such as the bus or the train.

Dean of Student Services, Dr. Gilbert Contreras, has been working on getting the program started for a year now and is now in the “doing” stage of the project.

“Late November to December the project will be figured out,” Contreras said.

He has looked into other campuses that have a similar program such as Rio Hondo.

Working along side Dr. Contreras is a new hire by the name of Victoria Flores, who is on mission to gather all the information necessary for the program, such as how many students ride bikes to campus, how many ride the bus, who walks and also who drives to school.

“We are figuring where to gather all that info,” Flores said.

They started partnering and had a meeting with MTA this past January and have been in talks with Norwalk Transit and Long Beach Transit, but no CAL yet.

The cost for this project is an estimated $150,000 to $200,000 every year.

Contreras emphasized they are not trying to add anymore student fees, but in order to do so they need student focus groups and support groups to help with the program.

“Student Affairs needs [student] help to get this going,” he said.

They hope to accomplish two main goals, which is to promote environmental sustainability and increase an easier access to the college campus.

Another supporter is Aline Gregorio, who is a geography instructor on campus, she says the program will stop pollution from fossil fuels and will also decrease parking issues around campus.

Gregorio has been partnering up with the “Go Green Task Force” to encourage the campus to become more sustainable.

“Sustainability is a goal we all share,” Gregorio said.

Go Green will be meeting up on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m.

The room number has yet to be determined but Gregorio encourages students to follow the Facebook page, Cerritos College Go Green, this is where students could get the latest updates from the committee.