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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Lack of student interest kicks Game Room into high gear

Carlos Marquez
Justin Rios, Math and Science major playing a round of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 getting closer to the boss battle of the video game. Photo credit: Carlos Marquez

More desolate than the Sahara desert, the game room has been facing a critical lack of visits in the last couple years and is being forgotten by the students little by little.

ASCC President Eddie De La Rosa and his cabinet have had discussions regarding the actual state of the game room..

De La Rosa is concerned that for being a place of fun and relaxation, the room itself has too many rules.

“If that is our space, let’s make it ours,” De La Rosa said.

Majoring in architecture, De La Rosa has a vision to turn the game room into a more sociable place for everyone on campus.

He is willing to design it in order to fulfill the student needs and wishes for a more modern game room.

But to know what kind of benefits the college community would like for the reboot of the space, De La Rosa and his cabinet invite students to fill out a survey.

During the In-N-Out truck event, which took place at the beginning of the semester, students expressed opinions of what the community of Cerritos College would like to have in the game room.

The top choices varied from having phone charging stations, movie nights, microwaves, computer stations and sitting areas.

Among the least popular choices, there were calls for beds, therapy sessions, a Subway restaurant and even a stripper pole.

Once the voices of the students have been heard, De La Rosa will take the concept to the Architecture Club to be reviewed and make any changes to get a better prototype.

Niza Arellano, InterClub Council Representative of Architecture and Technology club at Cerritos College, has been involved in the discussions for the project and has come to a realization of what the final image will be.

“There are plans to get phone charger stations, a stage, a PS4 installation and even a mural[…]which the main idea is to get all the clubs involved. Maybe it will go on the wall, or the roof. We are still discussing it,” Arellano said.

But with many benefits and installations in mind, the estimated cost for the renewal could be big obstacle for the project.

“There is no limit on the cost, it just needs to be made to be most economical,” Arellano said.

The main purpose for the change is to get more students to use the room, so they may benefit from it and get more involved in school activities.

Justin Rios, math and science major, is one of the few students that comes to the game room to spare some time and relax from school.

“It’s a great privilege for the students, they don’t understand what they have. I hope that they don’t change it for the worst,” he said.

According to De La Rosa, the project can be a chance to create job opportunities for students in Cerritos College as clerks and DJs for the room.

If the project is approved and accomplishes the expectations, De La Rosa would like to extend certain installations to other parts of the campus.

“The purpose of this is get the students to stay in Cerritos and enjoy its benefits. Get more involved in the campus and bring all these clubs together so they can also be noticed,” he said.

The project is still in its concept phase and he and his cabinet may have the chance to present the project to the senate in their second or third meeting.

Even though the ASCC Senate has the last word, this project will take a while to redesign the room and install the new benefits that will be offered.

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Carlos Marquez, Opinion Editor
My name is Carlos Marquez and I am Opinion Editor for this fall semester in Talon Marks at Cerritos College. There is not much to say about me, I'm a regular student just like you majoring in Journalism and getting closer and closer to graduate with an Associates degree. I'm a fan of comic books and movies, I am what some may call a geek; I guess. I like to be aware of the events surrounding my community and share points of view with people to learn something new. I think is important to turn the community's voice into echo in order to inspire,make a difference and support a common cause.
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Lack of student interest kicks Game Room into high gear