Commissioners ask ASCC Cabinet for support for programs


ASCC President Eduardo De La Rosa explaining the layout of the new Student Activities Center. The center will take over what is now the Game Room and have new furniture and areas for students to hang out in. Photo credit: Sebastian Echeverry

Sebastian Echeverry

Falcon Kids, increase in STEM tutoring hours and the set up of Zombie Fest all received support from the ASCC Cabinet in its meeting was held Monday, Oct. 26 at 2 p.m.

The meeting commenced at 2:05 p.m., there was no room for public forum, but after commissioner reports, ASCC President Eduardo De La Rosa allocated time for the comments from the public.

Commissioner of Inter-Club Council Joseph Frausto asked for agenda item No. 7A, Zombie Fest Promotion, to be the first item to be talked about.

Frausto said that people that aren’t involved with ASCC can lend a hand in setting up the zombie-infested maze that will rise up in Falcon Square.

Posters are appearing around campus promoting the fest and trying to get more students to help out.

Diana Silveyra led the presentation about having the STEM tutoring hours increased.

Previously, ASCC Senate passed legislation to have them extended in the spring and fall semesters.

Silveyra wants to have the extended hours institutionalized and make it a regular thing for the campus.

They are not hiring anymore tutors, according to her.

Cabinet said that it supports it as it is now, with the ASCC Senate legislation.

De La Rosa then stood from his seat and presented the new layouts the the Student Activities Center will possibly have.

The center is the Game Room currently active on campus.

Schematics for the game room are adaptable, in that pool tables and shuffle board games can be moved and arranged throughout the room.

De La Rosa said, “I know what we’re thinking, ‘what’s the price tag,’ something we have to bring to the senate. It’s about $120,000, and I’m adding in around $20,000 to that number.”

The difference is in the furniture movement and the type of furniture not in the structure.

If the senate says yes to approve the interior renovations, then the project will last about six to seven months.

Falcon Kids is a program aimed at children in elementary schools in the surrounding perimeter of the campus to try to get them motivated at an early age to go to college.

Volunteers will help the kids with reading and math.

Enrique Josephs Rodriguez is at the forefront of the program.

He is asking ASCC to support the program and to have $24,510 to buy supplies for the program like crayons, plush toys and backpacks.

He said, “This is a rough draft, I have to do some expenditure adjustments about two, three thousand dollars less. I want to cut down the cost.”

ASCC Cabinet joined in support of the Falcon Kids program.

The meeting adjourned at 3:12 p.m.

Alba Jimenez, commissioner of night time activities, said, “I think STEM extended hours is going to be useful, the night students think it’s going to be useful.”