‘From Silence to Strength’ Event informs students they are not alone


Alvaro Bayono

Guest Speaker Maggie Bertram discussed the importance of the event “From Silence to Strength.” The event was the first part to a two part event series.

Alvaro Bayona

What started out as a surprise, became a representation of humanity.

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, Cerritos College had guest speaker Maggie Bertram from Active Minds address the audience.

The event, “From Silence to Strength,” talked about what Active Minds was about and how it can help others out there. Active Minds is a group of people who alert and help those who deal with mental health.

Bertram said, “Cerritos College is participating in a state-funded event where I am able to travel to some school so I can speak out. The grant was from Prop 63, and it lets Active Minds promote Mental Health around campuses.

“The group, Active Minds, just chose me to speak for the event. It was a bit nervous, but it chose me, and I couldn’t refuse that offer. I also served a couple of roles for the group, and Cerritos volunteered to help out. I felt great at the end, and I loved the participation of the crowd. I look forward to speak again soon.”

The club discussed issues about students who deal with problems such as depression, anxiety or any other mental illness. Together, the club seeks out to make sure students have a chance to speak out and can feel free.

Bertram spoke about this and even talked a little about her own struggles with anxiety and depression and how she came to a realization and was able to be a stronger woman.

Automotive-Electrical major, Hector Aceves said, “I thought the guest speaker did well. I like how she was able to speak out and tries to reach others. Not a lot of people are comfortable with this topic, and it really is a sensitive [topic], but she was brave enough to speak out.”

Psychology major, Alfred Quesada said,“That speech felt very inspirational. It was a great way to reach out to more students who deal with issues and really need help.

“Our community needed this, and I believe it’ll get there. There are many students who struggle with facing challenges, and there’s really no way to speak out comfortably, but it’s okay because that why Active Minds is here.

He continued, “No matter what Mental Health problem they face, Active Minds will try their best to help, and she’ll continue to inspire me as well.”