ASCC votes on Care Fund and Senate welcomes new senators


Alex Emilia and Gabriela Espejo inaugurated by Vice President Rodriguez. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Jocelyn Torralba, Staff Writer

Senator Ryan Kang, said “I’m very passionate about the ASCC Care Fund because students here who are struggling with homelessness, domestic abuse, and a myriad of other painful troubles deserve to know that this college cares for them.

“No student left behind, I truly believe that.” Kang said.

He also said if the legislation passes, he hopes the Senate will add specific guidelines so that it can really be an emergency assistance service for those in need, instead of something that sounds nice in principle but is never implemented.

ASCC President Saul Lopez-Pulido presented the ASCC Safe Care Fund, to assist students experiencing immediate domestic violence, sexual assault or a personal emergency.

The fund would assist with transportation to a shelter and funding meals.

The initial request for the fund is $1,000.

Elizabeth Miller, Dean of Student Services, said, “This is also an issue that is being explored by a number of areas across the campus Human Resources, Student Health Services, CAIR, EOPS, LINC and others so that we can respond to students needs as they arise and continually explore resources and opportunities to provide students.”

She added, “Its is important to the College to support our students and continuously look at ways to meet student needs, especially students in crisis.

According to Miller rules and factors to explore include:

  • How providing financial assistance may impact a students financial aid award,
  • Liability factors related to facilitating safe housing, especially for those experiencing interpersonal violence.
  • The availability adequate facilities and services in our area.
  • How to facilitate student requests for the program and any related supporting documentation needed.

Senator Linda Sanchez suggested a hotline on campus to let students know that there is help incase students are embarrassed to talk to someone.

This legislation was postponed until next week’s meeting Wednesday, Feb. 8 due to the senate having having questions about the logistics and implementation of the project.

On Wednesday, Feb.1 ASCC Senate meeting welcomed Graciela Espejo and Alex Emilia as new senators.

After being approved by the senate they had the right to vote on legislation items on the meeting’s agenda.