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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Jocelyn Torralba

Jocelyn Torralba, Production Manager

Hello there ! My name is Jocelyn Torralba and I am 20 years old. Production Manager in Talon Marks. I was born in Lynwood, California and I graduated from Alliance Collins High School in 2014. I am a junior at Cerritos College, my major is journalism. I hope to transfer to CSU Fullerton next year. Ever since I was a little girl I used to love being the center of attention and always be in in front of the camera. My dream is to become a tv host in one of my favorite celebrity entertainment shows and show the world my passion for broadcasting. 

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Reham Zin was born in Egypt and migrated to the United States in 2012. She is currently attending Cerritos College to pursue her degree in Kinesiology. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Student shares her story as a Muslim woman in America

Jocelyn Torralba December 4, 2017

  Reham Eihab Zin migrated from Egypt five years ago with her mom and siblings to the United States where she thought it would be a nice place to start a new life. When she got to the United...

Veteran and Psychology Major at CSULA Brandon Cholvers spoke to students about the meaning of Veterans Day.The event was held on Nov. 9 in the amphitheater. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Veterans honored in commemoration ceremony

Jocelyn Torralba November 13, 2017

The Veterans Resource Center had a special ceremony to honor those who have served in the military.The event was held on Nov. 9 in the amphitheater.Veteran, music production major and one of the speakers...

Natalie Fletcher, regional recruiter at Child Care Careers telling Lydia Perez, speech and language mythology major the requirements. Fletcher said the company is flexible with students schedules, because the minimum requirement to work is two days per week. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Companies offer job opportunities to students at Job Fair

Jocelyn Torralba November 7, 2017

Companies came to campus to offer job opportunities to students at the annual Job Fair on Thursday, Nov. 2. The fair was held in front of the library were students came to gather information on the businesses...

A lecture and performance on Frida Kahlo took place at Cerritos College on Thursday, Nov. 2. Before the beginning of every monologue Spanish Instructor and Chair of the Modern Language Department, Froylán Cabuto explained the meaning of each piece that Kahlo made and the things she was going through in her life that made her do that piece. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Frida Kahlo comes to life

Jocelyn Torralba November 7, 2017

Mexican actress Alejandra Flores brought Frida Kahlo to life through a series monologues while Colombian dancer and choreographer Beatriz Eugenia Vásquez played Frida's alter ego with live music by...

Carlos Quezada, administration of justice major, danced a song from Jalisco dance called El Pascayes. He wore a embroidered mariachi suit, with a big hat, and red bow on his neck. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Dia de los Muertos celebration commemorates the dead

Jocelyn Torralba November 4, 2017

The MEChA club of Cerritos College organized an event to celebrate Dia de los Muertos and raise culture awareness to students on campus.Clubs were invited by the Mecha club to fundraise and raise club...

Intimate partner violence workshop explains different stages of domestic abuse

Jocelyn Torralba October 27, 2017

The Re-entry Resource Program presented a workshop informing students about intimate partner violence and the cycle of violence.Community Outreach Director Pamela Sepulveda and guest speaker at the presentation...

Students discover their personality types, showing their true colors

Jocelyn Torralba October 21, 2017

The Re-Entry Resource Program presented for students who weren't sure what major and career they would like to pursue.Veronica Herrera, counselor and guest speaker at the presentation on Oct.18 was invited...

Maylynn Melendez, Inroads program manager and coach talking to students about the requirements to apply to Inroads. Students must have a 3.0 GPA, attend a 4-year university, have one summer left toward undergraduate degree, and major in business, STEM, or liberal arts. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Career Center offers paid internships

Jocelyn Torralba October 13, 2017

The Career Center presented a workshop for students transferring to a UC or Cal State in the spring and fall 2018 and are interested in paid internships. Maylynn Melendez, Inroads program manager and...

‘Happy Death Day’ wake up, die, repeat

Jocelyn Torralba October 13, 2017

'Happy Death Day' is not a movie that makes you scream but this slasher movie has a twist of comedy and romance.It begins with Tree Gelbman played by Jessica Rothe, a selfish sorority sister waking up...

Kadie Gurley, ICC Commissioner, discussed Cerritos Has Talent, were students could show their talent to the Cerritos College audience on Oct.3. Any talent qualifies, prize is that students can perform at the pregame reception at homecoming. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Upcoming october events presented at ICC meeting

Jocelyn Torralba September 30, 2017

ICC representatives discussed Volunteer Crisis Text Line, Cerritos Has Talent, Homecoming, Movie Night and Zombie Fest.Kathy Azan, ICC deputy invited everyone to the screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas...

Pamela Sepulveda, social worker and community outreach program director teaching students about body image. She compared the difference between and real life woman and a barbie and said the head is bigger than a normal human being, the neck is too long, and the waist is too small, which she described as something thats not achievable in real life. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Body image workshop benefits students

Jocelyn Torralba September 27, 2017

Pamela Sepulveda, community outreach director of Casa Youth, and Re-enrty Specialist Shannon Estrada presented a workshop on body image and the issues of body image on Sept. 26.Those who attended the workshop...

Palma made the students play a game by keeping the balloons in the air, each balloon were their responsibilities they have to do throughout the day and they had to work as team keeping the balloons from falling to the floor.Those who attended the workshop learned how to balance time management, study skills, build a support system and finding quality child care. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Students learn about methods to balance school and family

Jocelyn Torralba September 21, 2017

Child development faculty member Jennifer Palma and re-entry specialist Shannon Estrada presented the four keys to balance family and school on Sept. 20 to help students control those areas.Those who attended...

Robbery in the ring: Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady ends in dissatisfaction

Jocelyn Torralba September 19, 2017

Embed from Getty Images One of the worlds most anticipated fights for more than two years ended in a robbery. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez vs Gennady "GGG" Golovkin was nothing short of the expectations...

Photo credit: Jose Flores

Creepy clown hits the big screen

Jocelyn Torralba September 12, 2017

"It" is one of the best horror films of the year. You wouldn't want to miss this movie, this fall that will leave you haunted for days.Another Stephen King novel, comes to life and hits the big screen...

Druglord drama comes back to Netflix

Jocelyn Torralba September 5, 2017

The second season of Narcos came to an end with an exciting storm of bullets between kingpin Pablo Escobar played by Wagner Moura and the DEA that led to Escobar's death.The DEA's new target in this...

August 23, 2017 – Page 3

Jocelyn Torralba, College Life editor September 5, 2017

Students in Oregon looking at the long awaited and once in a lifetime solar eclipse. They camped at John Day, in Grant County Oregon.

Cerritos College students prepare for solar eclipse

Jocelyn Torralba August 23, 2017

Cerritos College students went on a trip to Oregon on Thursday night to see the solar eclipse of a lifetime on Monday morning. They camped at John Day, in Grant County Oregon. One of the student...

Counselors assist students through CSU application process

Jocelyn Torralba August 22, 2017

The Transfer Center held a workshop helping assist students filling out their online Spring 2018 applications for Cal State Universities.Transfer Counselor Marvelina Graf went over the application process,...

Senate votes on reallocation of funds for collaboration course

Jocelyn Torralba May 12, 2017

Department Chair of Philosophy and Women's and Gender studies Professor Ana Torres-Bower presented the ASCC Senate with a relocation fund for part time Faculty Honorarium for collaboration on a Gender...

(From left to right) Marie Martinelli, Chemistry major Enrique Rueda and Chemical Engineer major Genesis Esqueda. Rueda said he struggled to see the good in people after serving in the army. Photo credit: Benjamin Garcia

[Photo] Veterans Resources and club hosts seventh annual military ball

Lindsay Helberg May 10, 2017

(From left to right) Marie Martinelli, Chemistry major Enrique Rueda and Chemical Engineer major Genesis Esqueda. Rueda said he struggled to see the good in people after serving in the army. Photo credit:...

The history of Cinco de Mayo explained via lecture

Jocelyn Torralba May 10, 2017

It's that time of the year where Mexican festivities come around and everyone goes out party and drink but most people don't know the background of this holiday.History Professor Walter Fernandez gave...

Cerritos College Model United Nations President Carlos Diaz and club members Nathaly Guerrero, and Kishan Lalla presented to the ASCC Senate why the club needs the funding requested. The funds would allow CCMUN to attend educational conferences, in which they have won several awards. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

2017-2018 ASCC Budget Finalized

Jocelyn Torralba May 8, 2017

On Wednesday, May 3 the ASCC Senate finalized the 2017-2018 budget.They reviewed the objectives that remained unfinished from of the past week.Alpha Gamma Sigma was the first item on the list in Section...

President elect Karen Patron being sworn in in front of ASCC senate by Cheif Justice Rodrigo Quintas on Wednesday, April 26. Her duites as preisdent will begin next Fall semester. Photo credit: David Jenkins

ASCC President Karen Patron and Vice President David Ramirez inaugurated in front of senate

Jocelyn Torralba April 28, 2017

The ASCC President elect Karen Patron and Vice President elect David Ramirez were inaugurated in the beginning of Wednesday, April 26 ASCC Senate meeting by Chief Justice Rodrigo Quintas. Their terms...

Senators Joseph Escandon and David Ramirez explaining to ASCC Senate the Student Outreach Program on Wednesday, April 19. They were inspired by Megan Kims Kiosk Legislation. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

Funding for Student Outreach Campaign approved by ASCC Senate

Jocelyn Torralba April 25, 2017

Senators David Ramirez and Joseph Escandon were able to successfully pass the Student Outreach Program legislation at Wednesday, April 19 ASCC Senate meeting. The goal of the program is to better promote...

Dr. Shin Liu and Cerritos College students getting approval for funding for the students to go to on an ad-hoc trip to Taiwan over the summer. The funds were approved Wednesday, April 12 at ASCC Senate.

ASCC Senate approves funding for students to study abroad in Taiwan

Jocelyn Torralba, Staff Writter April 19, 2017

On Wednesday, April 12 the ASCC Senate approved funding for an ad-hoc trip to Taiwan. Board of Trustee member Dr. Shin Liu said, "The purpose of this program is to provide a cultural and language learning...

Jarell McNeal and Damantc Austin Brown being sworn in by Vice President Enrique Rodriguez. This is McNealls and Damantcs first year attending Cerritos. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Senate swears in McNeal and Brown

Jocelyn Torralba April 11, 2017

On Wednesday, April 5 ASCC Senate welcomed Jarell McNeal and Damantc Austin Brown as new senators. Jarell McNeal is a Computer Science major and recently found out about ASCC Senate two weeks ago from...

ASCC Senator David Ramirez and Student Trustee Karen Patron discuss the updates for funds students who go on school trips use. The students receive a designated amount of $42 for meals per day, but must turn in receipts to continue to receive money. Photo credit: David Jenkins

ASCC Senate makes changes to Meal Money funding

Jocelyn Torralba April 4, 2017

Senate continued last week’s discussion on the Meal Money item, where senate will be able to provide money to students who request meal funding when they travel on educational trips. This funding...

Dean of Student Services Elizabeth Miller discusses legislation to approve two large digital screens for the audience to view graduating students at commencement ceremony. The funds were approved for $27,000. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Senate votes on Transfer funds for Commencement and discusses Meal Money

Jocelyn Torralba March 29, 2017

Dean of Student Services Elizabeth Miller presented the ASCC Senate with Transfer fund legislation to request transfer money of unused Game Room Renovation funds to the Commencement budget to cover the...

Senate discusses Library Extension Hours

Jocelyn Torralba March 6, 2017

Vice President of Academic Affairs Rick Miranda and Senator Gurpreet Ubbu brought forward the discussion topic of a possible extension of hours for the Cerritos College library. During the Wednesday, March...

Senate votes on Meal Funding for Northern California Tour

Jocelyn Torralba March 6, 2017

Senator Eduardo De La Rosa and Transfer Center counselor Brittany Lundeen, presented the ASCC Senate with Legislation to provide funding for meals for the students who attend the Northern California Transfer...

Upcoming events discussed at ICC meeting

Jocelyn Torralba February 28, 2017

ICC representatives discussed Movie Night, Falcon Games, Spring Festival, Earth Day and events for Women's History Month.ASCC hosted a free movie night on Thursday Feb. 23 at 6 p.m.Kadie Gurley, ICC Commissioner,...

Lucio Ramirez being sworn in by Vie President Enrique Rodriguez. Ramirez chose to be a senator because he considers a career in politics in the future. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

ASCC Senate add new senator and discuss Budget Process Feedback

Jocelyn Torralba February 28, 2017

On Wednesday, Feb. 22 ASCC Senate meeting welcomed Lucio Ramirez as a new senator."I wanted to become a senator because I wanted to represent the students like me that are returning students in the senate,...

Cerritos College Police Chief Tom Gallivan and Associate Dean of Student Health Hillary Mennella present a Falcon Safe presentation to ASCC Senate. According to Mennella, students can experience depression, anxiety during college and signs or symptoms of other serious psychologist disorders that may not be present until a student is in early adulthood. Photo credit: Jenny Gonzalez

ASCC Senate listens to Falcon Safe Presentation

Jocelyn Torralba, Staff Writer February 24, 2017

Associate Dean of Student Health Hillary Mennella said, "Once we stop accepting domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, and abuse as a norm then society will change for the better; our campus...

ASCC Senate approves funding for club activities

Jocelyn Torralba February 22, 2017

On Wednesday, Feb. 15 the ASCC Senate approved funding for the Architectural Design Club to attend the AIA Convention and the Model United Club to attend LAMUN. "I'm passionate about Architecture and excited...

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in 50 Shades Darker (Universal Pictures)

’50 Shades Darker’ better chemistry and kinkier

Jocelyn Torralba February 13, 2017

50 Shades Darker the second film in the franchise adapted for screen from E.L James trilogy starts out from where Fifty Shades of Grey left off. I loved the film, I didn't read the books so I didn't know...

Alex Emilia and Gabriela Espejo inaugurated by Vice President Rodriguez. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

ASCC votes on Care Fund and Senate welcomes new senators

Jocelyn Torralba, Staff Writer February 8, 2017

Senator Ryan Kang, said "I'm very passionate about the ASCC Care Fund because students here who are struggling with homelessness, domestic abuse, and a myriad of other painful troubles deserve to know...

Alex Emilia and Gabriela Espejo inaugurated by the Vice President Rodriguez. Photo credit: Jocelyn Torralba

ASCC Senate votes on Dreamer Funding

Jocelyn Torralba February 8, 2017

Saul Lopez -Pulido, ASCC President, presented ASCC Senate with legislation for the ASCC Dreamer Fund to assist undocumented students attending Cerritos College with many benefits to help them with their...

Covered California representative Diana Gonzalez, spoke about healthcare. Photo credit: Rocio Valdez

First Inter-Club meeting of the year

Jocelyn Torralba and Rocio Valdez January 31, 2017

The first Cerritos College ASCC Club Council meeting of the semester took place with the attendance of club’s representatives.The topics of the meeting included Transfer Center events and information,...

Dear Men: I don’t care what you think about my makeup

Jocelyn Torralba, Staff Writer January 23, 2017

“Real women don’t need makeup to be beautiful,” people say, as if they have any idea what women need or don’t need. Men captioning a picture “This is why I have trust issues” of a woman...

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