The accessibility of tampons and pads on campus improve


Newly installed tampon and napkin dispenser in the women's restroom of the Fine Arts Building on the second floor. All women's restroom should have dispensers according to Vice President of Student Services Dr. Stephen B. Johnson. Photo credit: David Jenkins

We all have financial needs of some sort, and there will be times that women on campus will be on their period and will not be prepared while on campus.

Vice President of Student Services Dr. Stephen B. Johnson says, “We recognize that there are going to be times when people are going to have needs financially, so we make those available in various locations, but in particular through Student Health Services.”

One can obtain tampons and pads through the bathrooms with the purchase of a quarter. All women bathrooms must have tampons and pad dispensers according to Dr. Johnson.

“We attended to have machines that dispense both the napkins and the tampons in ever women’s restrooms.”

The women’s bathroom in the Fine Arts building in both the first and second floor did not have tampon dispensers in the first week of the fall semester, and it wasn’t until Talon Marks approached Dr. Johnson about the missing dispensers that they were put up recently on Monday.

Dr. Johnson, upon being approached by TM was asked if he knew or if there was a reason as to why the dispersers were missing in the new buildings, he responded, “None that I’m aware of. I’ll certainly pursue that right away.”

There are now new dispensers put in the women’s bathroom where there were none before.

Anyone can obtain tampons and pads at the Health & Wellness Center for free upon request, says the Dean of the Health & Wellness Center Chris Kiger.

According to Kiger, The Health and Wellness Center receives requests for feminine hygiene products twice per day on average. She also says that the center “dispense one to two boxes that contain two or three tampons each.”

Although the feminine hygienic products are at no cost at the Health and Wellness Center, Kiger expects the students to come to campus prepared.

“It is a personal product that really the expectation is that the student would hopefully come to campus prepared and not expect us [The Health and Wellness Center] to supply weekly supplies of personal hygiene products. So, we do have a supply here that we will offer students that request it at no cost.”

Everywhere else on campus, tampons and pads are for sale, from the women’s restrooms to the bookstore.