Honoring Cerritos College faculty


Carlos Ruiz

Physics professor Carlos Mera is awarded Most Outstanding Faculty. He was awarded this at the Cerritos College Outstanding Faculty Awards Ceremony on April 26 for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Elizabeth Corcoles

Cerritos College held its annual Outstanding Faculty Awards Ceremony on April 26 at the Student Center for the 2017-2018 academic year. The faculty were commended for their outstanding performance.

The professor of honor, Carlos Mera, Physics instructor, was commended and received the Most Outstanding Faculty award.

The event was put together by Chair of Profession Relations Committee and professor Joseph Van de Mortel.

President of Cerritos College, Dr. Jose Fierro states there was a committee who chose the winning faculty and “there is a level of alignment of how the faculty select and perceive other faculty and how students perceive other faculty.”

Mera gratefully accepted his award and made a speech.

“I am very honored and humble about this,” Mera said.

Given the news, Mera reminisced about how he got to be where he is now.

“I remember starting here 30 years ago as a student and taking ESL classes,” he said.

He continued on and said he learned that when it comes to teaching, it is not just about restating facts, it’s about bringing knowledge to life.

“I had great instructors here. People that inspired me to achieve what I have achieved,” said Mera.

“I think because of them, the people that came before me, the ones that are coming after me, it is my job to help my students and help them succeed and achieve their greatest heights.”

Mera thanks his students for making him better than he claims he could be, “I enjoy what I am doing and I think they feel that. They [students] feel that I am showing up to class not just because I have to, but because I like to and that helped me win.”

Fierro stated, “Students are recognizing their professors for their success. Carlos Mera was the professor that stood out and was mentioned by almost every student.”

Adding, “Carlos is one of those people that are inspirational for many, including me,” said Fierro. “His story, the way he treats his students, work ethic and his outlook for the future is inspirational. He is a really good person and obviously a great instructor.”

Michelle Lewellen, Faculty Senate President, presented the ceremony and announced other faculty as outstanding.

Awarded as Outstanding Faculty:

  • Jason Foral, Welding
  • Anthony Fortner, Woodworking
  • Debra Johnson, Accounting/Finance
  • Kamal Damian, Mathematics
  • April Griffin, Speech
  • Michael Farina, Accounting/Finance
  • Matthew Shimazu, Chemistry
  • Dara Worrell, Mathematics
  • Chace Tydell, Biolog
  • Steve Kroll, Accounting/Finance