California ‘to the rescue’ on sexual harassment protection

Eunice Barron

TM Eunice Barron
California could be the first state to call for action against sexual harassment if five bills are passed. These are the five critical bills that could benefit the workplace especially from any harassment incidents in the future.

Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign five bills: AB 1870, SB 224, SB 1343, SB 1300 and AB 3080.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Brown is under intense lobbying to veto SB 1300, which would do away with non-disparagement clauses that are slipped into routine paperwork employees must sign when they’re hired or offered a raise.

Title IX Coordinator of the Cerritos College Office of Human Resource Services Dr. Valyncia Raphael states, “Many of these bills relate to the workplace and it’s important for Cerritos College to be aware and our state will be leading in this.”

Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is federal law for any institution that receives federal funding stating that it cannot discriminate against sex, gender and sexual orientation.

Dr. Raphael believes that it is always important for people to be aware of any potential harm and also encourages for action to be taken if it occurs.

Raphael said,”Students are working or transitioning into the workforce and we as members [Human Resources Service member] to encourage students to pursue action on it.”

Cerritos College Student Affairs Program facilitator Amber Dofner said, “There are programs on campus about Title IX to educate students and provide them a voice based on their own experience.”

Cerritos College Police Department Chief of Police Tom Gallivan said, “Campus police is [more strict] on enforcement when sexual harassment rises to violation of a law especially for any incidents of domestic violence and bullying into assault.”

He said, “By standard intervention, if you can safely intervene and could prevent classroom incidents such as bullying or harassment from happening.”

Gallivan encourages students to speak up if they see anything going on campus.