‘Overall satisfaction’ and benefits from lot on 166th St and Studebaker Rd


Carmelita Islas Mendez

Vice President of Business Services and Assistant Superintendent Felipe Lopez gave a presentation to update community members on changes made to the parking lot on 166th St and Studebaker Rd. However, no community members were present on the Dec. 3 forum.

Carmelita Islas Mendez

A community forum to update community members on the 166th St and Studebaker Rd parking lot was held by administration members on Dec. 3 at 5 p.m. with no community members present.

Vice President of Business Services and Assistant Superintendent Felipe Lopez believes that the reason for the low attendance is because community members are satisfied with the lot and have no complains. He said, “My thoughts [are] you know, once they knew all the improvements that were made, I think they, overall, were pretty satisfied with the parking lot.”

The forum was announced through social media and by email said Director of College Relations, Public Affairs and Governmental Relation Miya Walker.

Walker and Lopez said that the only complaints that they have been made aware of are a graffiti and weed problem, but that these complaints were corrected at the beginning of the year, when they were initially reported.

Even though Walker and Lopez have not heard of recent complaints being made, they encourage community members to communicate with them on any issue they may have with the parking lot and made their emails available.

In a previous meeting, one community member suggested that information on how the revenue generated by the parking lot is being used to benefit students.

During Lopez’s eight minute presentation he explaining how the revenue is being used. The funds, totaling $275,000, are being allocated to fund study abroad programs and the Cerritos Complete.

Cerritos Complete is a merit-based scholarship for high school students and high school graduates in the district and funds the first year at Cerritos College to encourage students to continue pursuing their education.

The 2018 Taiwan Experience Education Program where students were able to travel to Taipei City to work as teacher’s aides or take courses in Taipei University was funded with the revenue generated by parking lot.

Other study abroad programs coming soon will also be funded by the parking lot revenue.

Lopez said that for community members who were unable to attend the forum, the information presented is available on the Cerritos College website. The community forums will continue until the end of the temporary use permit expires in 2021.

He said, “Again, I know there’s low attendance here, but I think it’s primarily because they’re satisfied with all the improvements.”