Student Trustee Ballot #1 Valery Escobar

Q: What are some of the things you have done in the past to better the student’s collegiate experience?

A: “One of the ways that I have helped to provide students with a better collegiate experience, has been welcoming students to Cerritos College by being a part of the welcoming team. The first weeks of either the fall or spring semester can be a little hectic especially if you are new or have classes in a new part of campus. I love to help out students find their classes quickly and outline the buildings they will need to go to next. It is always nice to get to meet new people by also informing them of the various events and resources our campus has to offer. I have also been a part of the homecoming committee, where we created a tailgate party for our homecoming game. We invited many students to join in on the fun games and help us fundraise for student basic needs. I have also been a part of many other campus outreach events, for example, stress this week during finals where we schedule different events for students in distress. I’ve also been a part of various many committees to make sure that the students’ voices are heard and included in these committees. The participation has allowed me to include the various different nationalities and backgrounds are students come from, our dreamers, our DSPS students, stem students, art students, liberal arts students, and many other student groups on campus. Being a part of these committees has allowed me to see the great diversity within our students and within our campus.”

Q: How would you voice student concerns and advocate student priorities to the Board?

A: “As a student trustee, it’s my goal to be the bridge between student’s concerns and the board. The best way to advocate for students to be the priority of the board is to keep regular meetings with both the board president and Dr. Fierro. Keeping regular meetings, expressing the concerns, and the stories of our students will help provide the board with more context on what students need. During the meetings, I will report to the board on behalf of all the students what students need and ask them to keep interacting with our students through events. The goal of being a student trustee is to keep opportunities open for the student body and provide them with connections to help them achieve their dreams.”

Q:  In regard to COVID-19, if elected how do you plan on going about this position’s duties and continuing to work with all groups on campus despite social distancing measures? 

A: “In regards to COVID-19 and social distancing measures, if elected I would still participate in biweekly meetings with vice presidents and Dr. Fierro. Social distancing measures have not stopped me from continuing the duties as a student and student advocate. I will continue to sit through meetings and voice students’ concerns and make sure their needs are met, whether that be technology, food insecurity, or home insecurity. I will continue to voice the students’ concerns and their needs. The students have always and will always continue to be my number one priority. The safety and well-being of students will always be addressed as a top priority on my behalf to the board and to other administrators.”

Closing Statement: 

“The position of student trustee is one of the most humbling positions, it is about understanding how amazing your community is and how hard students work to seek their dreams. The reason why being a student trustee is important to me, it’s because I’m honored to represent all students on campus. I’ve seen students who work extremely hard, not only on their grades but clubs as well I also see students who have one or two part-time jobs and still manage time to further their education. I also see students who are also full-time parents, I have part-time jobs. I also see athletes tired in their late classes after practice still putting in as much effort to excel academically. The reason why I run is because of all the inspiring students that are part of Cerritos College that make me want to try harder to help them achieve their dreams and be a part of their journey to success.”