Student Trustee Ballot #2 Rebekah Montes de Oca

Q: What are some of the things you have done in the past to better the student’s collegiate experience?

A: “Things I have done in the past to better the Student’s collegiate experience is my work through the senate. I have voted on numerous things to make sure the students will benefit,  for example having new vendors on campus, supporting educational trips/conferences for clubs and departments which I have written legislation for, and when ever I get the chance I use my classes as a platform to tell the students about the amazing resources Cerritos has to offer.”

Q: How would you voice student concerns and advocate student priorities to the Board?

A: “I would advocate and voice the students’ concerns and  priorities to the Board with the same passion I voice in the Senate. I genuinely want what is best for the students of Cerritos and if there is a necessity that the students have I will voice it.”

Q:  In regard to COVID-19, if elected how do you plan on going about this position’s duties and continuing to work with all groups on campus despite social distancing measures?

A: “In regards to COVID-19 if I were to be elected I plan to be involved as much as possible. I would reach out to the students to ask about their concerns. As for the Board I would do my best to develop connections to them so that together we can help Cerritos to our fullest extent and to our best ability.”

Closing Statement:

“I am Rebekah Montes De Oca and you should vote for me because I care about the students of Cerritos College. I believe that becoming a Student Trustee will allow me to help the students on a bigger level. I consider Cerritos to be my second home and I want what is best for it. Thank you.”