Cerritos College
Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Adam El-Asmer finds nostalgia on his past stomping grounds

Jasmine Marie
Adam El-Asmer is a true Cerritos College alumni

Adam El-Asmer attended Cerritos back in the fall of 2013 he is a man who was trying to figure out his life and what did he want to do with it.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a physical conversation with Adam but over the phone was just as good as he went into detail about his time at Cerritos.

When Adam transferred from Long Beach City College to attend Cerritos College, he took life seriously and appreciated the learning environment that the school had to offer.

Adam loved the festivities that he could do at Cerritos, for example; Zebra Cafe where coffee is being served to the public and he enjoys In-N-Out that’s just up the street.

“Getting that fresh cup of java made my morning go do much smoother when I’m in class, there was never a day I purposely went with out it,” Adam said.

Communicating with Adam led up to him discussing his workout routine while at Cerritos.

Sometimes he would go to the gym on campus with a friend to do one hour of intense exercise and then cool off with water at the student lounge.

Being at the student lounge is something that he misses dearly, he says being there made him have more fond memories of the people that he met.

He describes the sense of nostalgia walking on campus with his blue levi skinny jeans on and a nice pro club white T-shirt, with all white crisp low-top vans walking to class with a nice hot cup of coffee.

Adam’s experience on campus was a journey for him to figure out who he wanted to bond with for life and who was temporary, he made close friends when it came to the Umoja group.

“The group brought unity and peace amongst everyone that was involved, I loved the food that was African based and I appreciate what it has done for me,” Adam said.

Spring of 2016, Adam fell in love with African studies so he joined forces with Umoja and began learning the fundamentals of how love and unity formed in the motherland of Africa.

During his time in that particular group, he became good acquaintances with Professor Cagnolatti, the director of Umoja.

Learning from him benefited his learning curve swiftly from obtaining knowledge of how the culture impacted society now, by learning different things that black inventors made in the U.S.

Adam picked up lessons from the Umoja program by learning how certain percussions were made because he was a man who loved music as a child.

“Music has been my passion as a kid and learning the essentials of how music was formed that’s what piqued my interest,” Adam said.

Adam plays bass guitar really well, he produces his own songs in a recording studio and practices all day as a hobby.

The one thing that he really admired was the ladies, he claims that he was a ladies’ man when he stepped foot on campus, women loved his lovely green eyes as he would call them.

Cerritos College was a stepping stone for Adam, since his graduation in the spring of 2018 he has looked back on all of the classic memories he made with friends and faculty members.

A fun fact that Adam wants the world to know is that he will become a nutritionist now that he is done with Cerritos College he has learned all the healthy tips on campus and wants to help others.

“Health is wealth isn’t that the old saying now, Cerritos made me want to get my body fully in shape because my friends were all going to the gym so I just had to follow suit,” Adam said.

Overall, Adam’s experience at Cerritos made him open up his mind to venture out and see new opportunities for a promising future in which he can partake.

Nevertheless, he faced a couple of challenges such as failing a few classes but with the right mindset to never give up on his passionate dream he overcame his problem.

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Adam El-Asmer finds nostalgia on his past stomping grounds