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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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ASCC Senate hosts forum for current election candidates

Courtesy of ASCC
Candidates L to R: Nimsi Murillo, Selma Dweik, Saige Frausto, Jorge Diaz and Christabelle Garcia at the ASCC Forum on Mar. 28 meeting

Associated Students of Cerritos College (ASCC) gathered to discuss the candidates for the Cerritos’ student elections.

Listed first on the ballot for President and Vice President is Christabelle Garcia and Jorge Diaz.

Second on the ballot is Saige Frausto and Selma Dweik.

Student Trustee candidates consisted of individuals Jacki Stone Scott, Sarah Orellana and Nimsi Murillo.

However, only Nimsi Murillo was the only trustee that was able to show up to the ASCC forum.

The present student trustee candidates were asked what policies they were specifically advocating for and why.

Murillo said that student safety was a hot topic this semester.

She mentioned a policy to add lights on campus at night and how Cerritos should incorporate self-defense classes.

Murillo backed her motive by highlighting her love for boxing and how student safety should be a priority.

The second question was centered on how their presence at meetings can represent student needs.

Murillo says that she will try her best to lend an ear to the student body of Cerritos and voice their needs and concerns.

The last question asked was why they think they should be voted the next ASCC Student Trustee.

Murillo brings up that she is a Psychology major and naturally listens to people’s dilemmas to helps them achieve their goals.

New questions were to be asked to the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

First question asked was what the candidates hoped to give the students of Cerritos College.

Diaz began his statement saying he’d like to provide a sense of belonging and prevent the gatekeeping of information from students in need.

Garcia expressed a desire for a livelier and more welcome campus with more culturally diverse events.

Frausto shared that she wishes for easier accessibility to resources for students, touching on transportation assistance and financial literacy courses.

The second question asked when students will be able to see the change that is heavily promised from student leaders.

Diaz emphasized a passion for school events and how his first call would be hosting a welcoming party for the incoming freshmen in the fall.

Garcia complemented Cerritos College and said that little adjustments here and there are all the campus needs for the warm feeling of acceptance to soar.

Frausto mentions a collaboration with students and faculty and a possible addition of mental health clubs.

Dweik highlights on giving students the tools they need to succeed during and beyond their Cerritos years.

When asked if the candidates noted any problems on campus, Diaz says that students don’t feel a connection to campus life because of school and work.

The last question for the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates was why they think people should vote for them.

Frausto says Dweik and herself are heavily involved in the school and both share a common goal of creating a better future for students.

Dweik adds by saying they’re a diverse duo of women who understand how to connect with a larger audience.

Diaz says they’re driven and know they will represent students and are open to different cultures.

Garcia mentions how she tackled an issue in the Physics Department last semester and that she knows how to take initiative when needed.

Voting takes place from April 5 at 12:01 a.m. to April 6 at 11:59 p.m. via Canvas.

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    Amy ParkerApr 4, 2023 at 2:22 pm

    I noticed all of the Trustee coverage was on Nimsi. Why is that? Was Nimsi the only one to talk at all? If not, there should’ve been roughly equal coverage of them + Jacki and Sarah.

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ASCC Senate hosts forum for current election candidates