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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Crunch time for students with college apps

Joel Carpio
Students hard at work on their college applications as the deadline approaches.

The time has come when students are frantically trying to finish up their college applications but the Transfer Center has come to the rescue yet again by setting up another workshop on Nov. 18. held in the Business Education building here on campus.

This workshop is designed for students to come in and work on their applications in a quiet space and get help from Transfer Center counselors in real-time.

This has been the sixth in-person workshop offered this semester but if you didn’t know about this beforehand don’t worry because there are still three more before most of the transfer applications are due.

Even though it was a Saturday, students came in and took advantage of the time and help being offered to them.

“This is actually a little bit bigger than usual…this is a good number of students,” said Brittany Lundeen, the Transfer Center counselor who was on site for this workshop.

She emphasized the fact that it’s really easy to make a simple mistake on your college application so she thinks it’s good for students to come in to have their work reviewed.

Student raises her hand to receive help from a counselor as she works on her application. (Joel Carpio)

“You know even something as simple as just changing a number on your courses, to have a second set of eyes is always a good idea,” said Lundeen.

“So by coming to the workshops we’re able to double check, make sure there’s no mistakes as much as possible before they submit so that they don’t get denied based on a simple mistake.”

Business Management major, Cassandra Pantoja, thinks workshops like this are useful for her and boost her confidence when getting ready to hit the submit button.

Pantoja said, “Just being able to speak to them, just having small questions and conversations with them it helps you clear things [up], helps you clarify some things that you’re not sure [of] so that kinda brings up that confidence that you’re ready- well for me ready to turn it in and submit it.”

Students worked hard on applications for two hours in the Business Education computer lab located in room 120.

Lundeen was sure to answer everyone’s questions promptly as well as guide them through the application process.

“Also it’s very supportive in a way that you feel not alone and also especially when you’re struggling in certain things or challenges that you don’t understand, they’re [Transfer Center counselors] there to help you”

Christopher Garcia, a student majoring in Computer Science attended this workshop to make sure he was doing everything right before he submitted his application.

“I think that it’s very helpful and I think that it could help students like make sure that they’re doing the application correctly so they could be able to submit it on time and get into a university,” said Garcia.

The last three in-person workshops will be on Nov. 28-30 held in the Business Education building at room 120 at various times.

If you can’t make the in-person workshops there are online Zoom sessions available on a first come first serve basis where you can meet individually with a counselor to do an application overview.

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