Apple may not be as reliable as it seems to be

Jimmy Bottom


This recent discovery has been known since Will Smith’s “Enemy of  the State.”

The capabilities that cellphones have nowadays aren’t anything new or to be alarmed about.

The better question is why does Apple need to keep everything so quiet when the issue is brought up?

Probably because Apple is a big name and cannot afford to lose its consumers’ trust.

By admitting fault, it creates a rut for itself in its upcoming devices.

Consumers are left boggled as to why there’s a file that logs their time and place in an unencrypted file and what benefits the company has by keeping them in the dark?

According to the O’Reilly Radar, a technology blog, the consolidated file logs time and place in an unencrypted format that’s accessible to anyone who physically handles the device.

There are some who fear the file itself is transmitting its results to Apple, but that is purely speculation.

This type of issue could be solved quickly if Apple sent a representative to talk about the issue and help ease consumers’ thoughts on what is going on.

The LA Times had stated that’s not the case because Apple has said zilch on the matter and is dodging the questions.

It’s about time the consumers let Apple know that our security and privacy are not just a number.