Falcons Incorporated: new mascot will offer new opportunities

Every school has an animal or historical figure the student body looks up to so it is a great thing that the Associated Students of Cerritos College is putting funds into a mascot.

What is a mascot? And why should college students care? A mascot gives a sense of belonging. Students have the opportunity to actually want to say “I am a Falcon.”

“Let’s go Bobcats,” “Come on Jaguars,” just some examples given by movies and other media when people think of mascots. They support the sporting program and make special appearances at academic events as well.

You’re feeling preppy? You can always buy a hoodie or crew neck T-shirt from the book store and parade it around school while on campus. But with out a visible figure to back that up, you are just wearing a shirt with words.

With the school already willing to spend $10,000 on the Falcon-like uniform, why stop there? We can have coffee mugs, bobble heads, the Falcon figure on binders, folders, usb drives etc.

If the school was to invest in pretty much enterprising the Falcon, student leaders would be investing in school spirit, that in the end this is what ultimately this topic would lead to.

This is thinking outside the box at it’s finest. Expanding outside of just a uniformed hype-man is the steps student government should be looking into when discussing a mascot.

Now PAC 12 schools are notorious for having not only high caliber mascots, but also a killer fan base at all types of ball games.

That’s because most live in dorms and have to commute within a community surrounded by let’s say the Bruin or the Trojan.

We are simply a two year transfer institution, some get to school, sit in class and leave as soon as they can.

Sometimes not even by choice, but in the wonderful game we all play called life, some have obligations outside of the classroom.

However, there are fellow students that will arrive at school right when the sun is cresting over the horizon, and leave as the sky turns into the sunset hue.

With that said, Cerritos College is it’s community in its own. There are sporting events, media outlets, police, medical center, food eateries, a democratic government. They are all basic building blocks for a community.

The school needs a driving force that will eradicate the small idea in our minds that it is a bit wrong that we are at a community college while our friends are at Cal Sates or UC’s.

The Falcon, and Falcon merchandise would finally give the school a physical embodiment in which one can rally behind.

Fall semester will see the arrival of the mascot, the arrival of a symbol. The school should embrace the idea of expanding the Falcon name to ensure a long lasting legacy at Cerritos College.