Driving safely is more important than being late

California is known for its super busy and annoying traffic. Living in the Los Angeles and Orange County area can be chaotic; having so many residents living in the city can cause stress and anger, especially when driving.

Road rage starts to develop, and often times that rage can distract drivers by looking at other places and not the road. Distractions such as changing the radio station, looking at text messages or replying to them are also vital factors that can cause car collissions.

On Monday, April 28, public relations professor Elyse Peterson was involved in a near car crash on the freeway because she did not want to be late to her 11 a.m. Public Relations Class. Most college students own a car, whether they borrow their parents car or have their own.

I think it is important to enforce and inform not just students, but faculty at our campus to drive carefully.

Plan ahead; if you know you will be stuck in traffic for possibly an hour or more, try to leave your house earlier to avoid rushing to school and possibly encountering danger.

The most important thing that people do not realize is that it is okay to be late to class if they are stuck in traffic. Yes, it is “unprofessional,” but it is not necessary if people are put in situations where their lives are at stake.

Many schools and jobs have a 15- minute rule where they allow indiviudals to be late within the that mark with no consequences. However, being stuck in traffic should not be an excuse to always be late to class only if the situation is reasonable.

What I’m trying to say is that everyone should always be cautious and aware of their surroundings when they are on the road because you never now when you can be in a tragic car accident, get hurt and possibly face death.

The next time you are driving and think you will be late to class, then just accept that you are going to be late, without taking the risk of rushing to class. After all, it is better to be late then never be able to come back safe and sound.