Students have the power to change the community

Luis Guzman, Managing Multimedia Editor

Cerritos College is going through significant changes that can have an enormous impact on students, and these changes can have repercussions for us in the long run.

Elections for board of trustees can bring a different dynamic to Cerritos College. The board can make decisions on student success, programs and services.

Why are these elections important? It is because the board of trustees was one of the reasons why Cerritos College was put on sanctions by the accrediting commission when it made its accrediting review last July.

Students should care about this; their future at Cerritos College might be affected.

If Cerritos College doesn’t satisfy the accrediting commission with the follow-up report that has to be done by March 2015, then there is a possibility that the school might face the danger of losing its accreditation.

Losing accreditation can mean that many degrees Cerritos College offers will not be valid anymore; those degrees would just be another piece of paper.

The City College of San Francisco is an example of a situation that Cerritos College doesn’t want to go through.

What makes this situation incredible is that this is happening to one of the biggest community colleges in the nation.

The City College of San Francisco is in danger of losing its accreditation and it has ongoing trials to fight for it.

That’s a very difficult situation for the students to experience, some students are tasked with finding another college to study at.

But students don’t even know about the school receiving sanctions from the accrediting commission; they don’t even know who the board of trustees are!

So, it’s important that students should be aware of who the board of trustees are.

Board of trustee elections are coming up in November, and it is important for people to know who the candidates are.

Even if you don’t want to vote, just familiarize yourself with who the groups that are a part of Cerritos College are.

If you want to see the school run in a good way, board of trustees is one of the groups that has a direct impact on Cerritos College.

Students should stop living under a rock and start knowing what is going on in our community.

Don’t be the student that complains when worst comes to worst in regards to Cerritos College, and, in the end, did nothing about it.

Students shouldn’t make complaints about school if those complaints could have been addressed at the climax of the issue.

At the end of the day, students have a say in how the school is run.

There may be people at school who make the final vote, but we, the students at Cerritos College, have the power to make changes for the good of the community.