Dear Men: I don’t care what you think about my makeup

Jocelyn Torralba, Staff Writer

“Real women don’t need makeup to be beautiful,” people say, as if they have any idea what women need or don’t need.

Men captioning a picture “This is why I have trust issues” of a woman before and after makeup.

“Take her out swimming on the first date,” as if I don’t wear setting spray, duh.

“You must be ugly underneath all that makeup.” No, boo. My fresh face is gorgeous.

I’m sick and tired of men having opinions about women wearing makeup.

Well guess what, I don’t care what you or other women think about my makeup.

I don’t care if my highlight is too much.

I don’t care if my contour is too strong.

I don’t care if my lashes are too big.

I don’t care if you think I look better with less on my face.

I honestly just don’t, and you know why? Because I don’t wear it for you.

You think I’m going to be blending my expensive eyeshadow to impress everyone? Of course not!

Being pleasing to random men is nobody’s reason for wearing makeup nowadays. No woman is that desperate for some random guy’s opinion about how their makeup looks.

Don’t forget it’s 2017 gay men, lesbians and transgender people also wear makeup — so that’s evidence that is not all about you and your insignificant judgements.

There are many reasons for women to wear makeup, a man’s opinion is seldom one of them. We wear it to:

  • Feel confident
  • Have fun trying different looks
  • Express ourselves
  • Take part in artistry and enjoy the transformation capabilities in the art
  • Feel sexy
  • Stand out
  • Be creative
  • Have a hobby

And because we want to!

Next time you’re tempted to offer your irrelevant opinion, please do us all a favor and don’t.

So with that being said, your viewpoint is not required. My daring lipstick and perfectly sharp liner are none of your business.

Now excuse me while I touch up my lipstick.