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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Wisdom passed down to the younger generations

Listen to wise people and you might learn a thing or two.
Auntie Doris
Grandma with her three grandchildren on the couch sitting down.

The dreaded or anticipated transition into adulthood is a very stressful point where everything becomes, “real”.

You can no longer just stay away from the current to avoid learning to swim. Now you have to learn to swim so that you may survive the current pulling you in by force and leaving you adrift at sea.

Those who have learned how to tread the rough water eventually swim to their island, your destination.

Analogy aside, upon reaching adulthood, you are obligated to accept that with new age comes new responsibilities. As an adult, you must now find your role in society.

Young people struggle with self-identity and are still very inexperienced.

After high school, your choices are enrolling in college or getting a job to support yourself. Both of which are stressful responsibilities to stay on top of. After college, it’s securing a job that will pay you well and support you as you build your life–finding your island.

It is important to consider that many factors can make it harder for other people to find their footing. Not everyone can swim well.

The older generation, while recognizing that adulthood is no walk in the park, has this notion that because of their age and the technological advantages at our disposal, that the younger generations don’t have anything to stress about.

While indeed, the older generation didn’t have the luxury of using the internet for research or using the computer to store important files, they did things a different way that required more work which would make things harder.

Older generations look down on younger generations and are disgusted at their actions.

The reason was explained by family nurse practitioner Manalo Bernadette who has been with FHCCGLA for over three years.

“The younger generations need to learn the meaning of respect, learn that Google does not have all the answers.” – N.P. Manalo

Digging deep into her path she relates that before she became a nurse practitioner. She initially entered the field because she listened to her parent’s advice.

She discovered a passion for her profession during her internship years.

In her home country, the Philippines, being a doctor is a great deal and the title is one looked upon with respect.

Also says that in her country the Philippines it is a great deal to be a doctor and one is looked upon with respect.

Nowadays in this generation, we see more adults in their 30s still living in their homes with their parents than trying to get their place.

Proud homeowner in her 60’s Margarita Rocha says it’s not as simple to become a homeowner in any generation but sacrifices have to be made.

“Instead of going out to fancy restaurants, getting new cell phones or televisions that are coming out, resist and save money,” said Rocha.

As for both Margarita Rocha and home owner Tomas Rocha in his 90’s says we became homeowners to pass down a peaceful future to our children.

“Now they are all grown man who will be able to live or rent this property to have a financial cushion that can keep them less stressed.”

The struggles they overcame throughout the years are the same struggles that we are living nowadays;

Rent, gas, utility bills car insurance credit cards loans mortgages, and unexpected emergencies.

As our older generations put their wants on the side they show us we have to do the same.

Study in the field we are passionate about and earn the degree, sacrifice luxuries for a standard of living because, in the end, it will pay off when we become older.

Yes, it doesn’t sound fun but we got years to go and have real fun so it’s better than living in your parent’s basement.

Nowadays families are no longer as united as older generations relate Norwalk resident Francisco Rocha in his 70s and wife Ana Luisa Rocha in her late 60’s.

They have been together since their early 20s and married for forty-nine years soon to celebrate their fifth anniversary on Sep. 2024.

“Generations today give up on their marriage so easily but marriage is a bond that has to be built. There will be tough moments and you will want to throw the towel down, but communication is the key to a strong lasting marriage.” F. Rocha

“Don’t fall for the looks of the person because looks don’t last long. Find a partner that has a mind of embracement and wants to go places now not shortly. A person that you can trust and will be your friend, your lover, your everything but not only in the good times.” -Ana L. Rocha

It has surely been a road of apprenticeship getting to experience the wisdom of our past wiser generations.

After hearing their suggestions I no longer want to keep on victimizing my present decisions instead intend to follow their lessons to have a peaceful future.

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Melissa Clemente
Melissa Clemente is a co-sports & photo editor for Talon Marks who you may see juggling around campus after coming from working front line in FHCCGLA community clinic. To cover a variety of local news and sports stories.
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