Early enrollment viewed as potential stressor

Bianca Martinez

Fasfa art

Well, it seems this academic year will finally be the one where Cerritos College students will be kissing their asses goodbye.

Students will hear the ill-fated words, “hello, darkness, my old friend”, as they log on to the ever easy maneuverable and not in the least bit frustrating, MyCerritos, to discover that their enrollment dates have been pushed to be met earlier in the semester.

College, in general, is a notoriously stressful institution. Step unto any campus and one will see students constantly worried about their financial state, a brain barely functioning due to a lack of sleep, students prattling on about their various due dates, five pages essays and having to pay for the right to do homework.

Now, we are all big kids here, we don’t expect our education to be handed to us, we know it takes hard work and determination but goddamn, that doesn’t mean that the college should renounce from cutting us a little slack.

With the constant construction and threat of being groped ever leering, one would think the people in charge would take a little weight off our shoulders by not providing students with one more thing to stress about.

But who is responsible for this treachery?

Department of student services and department of academic affairs made the ingenious decision to screw us over.

Vice president of academic affairs Dr. Stephen Johnson claims that the early enrollment is actually beneficial for students.

Johnson states that early enrollment allows the college to note which classes are in high demand so that in turn they can the make specific accommodations, in order to provide said classes, such as professors, classrooms and lab hours.

Enrollment dates must remain at the end of each semester for one simple reason, a student may not be aware if they are going to pass a class or not.

According to Johnson, students will have more than enough to get their grades in order.

However, nothing is for certain, situations may arise in the middle of the semester causing a student’s grades to drop.

Situations such as a mental break, family emergencies or sudden illness can cause the sudden grade drop.

That is a large portion of the campus that is going to be late to the enrollment party.

For the most part, Spring enrollment is always set to open towards the last week of Fall semester.

These new enrollment dates come as a surprise to everyone, students are going to be up a creek without a paddle, every single one.

Spring enrollment must remain at the end of Fall semester because most students will be 100 percent sure by then if they are going to pass their perquisite classes in order to move on down the line towards the next course.

If this is some elaborate ploy cooked up by the deans to get students to excel on all their classes, they are gravely mistaken.

They are not going to motivate anybody accelerating enrollment, it’s unnecessary stress that can cause students to shut down, erupt in a mental breakdown and possibly quit college in general.

Speaking of quitting college, if students don’t bring this situation up to the deans, we might as well all walk out now and enroll in LBCC or Rio Hondo where they won’t pressure us into giving them our money several months in advance.

Let’s employ our millennial skills and take to social media.

We are in the day and age, where every single individual has a phone and some type of social media, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD, take to Twitter, take to Facebook.

Be ballsy, tag the college in your tweet and/or post.

Draft a petition and sent it around physically on campus and digitally online.

We have options, people.

Let’s take advantage of our first amendment right and put it to good use.