Congress during COVID: The best circus in town


Chris Ware

Photo credit: Chris Ware

The Coronavirus pandemic rocked this country to its core, but worse than the virus itself, were the hardships that ensued for small businesses as a result of the federal government’s pitiful mistreatment of them during a pandemic.

We’re battling two diseases at once, our federal government and coronavirus, and it’s time we told the people in charge what they need to hear.

Our leaders who have the power to help small businesses, instead turned to issuing free money to large corporations, and have torn down many people’s only source of income, offering nothing in exchange save for a $1,200 check that is nothing short of a mockery of serious needs.

Many workers often times live paycheck to paycheck. Being suddenly laid off was catastrophic to their lives and to the lives of their families.

Small business owners reached out to their leaders hoping to be able to provide for themselves and their employees, but were ignored in favor of larger tech giants or other companies.

Hector Casanova

For many, missing a single paycheck can be the difference between having a roof over their heads or whether they can feed their children, and they face that reality while Apple happily surpasses $2 trillion in net worth.

In times of crisis, many smaller businesses are left with no choice but to divide their employees into two camps, those who work purely opening to the afternoon, and those who work afternoon to closing, denying much of the flexibility needed to maintain a healthy work environment.

With this reduction in flexibility also comes a reduction in total hours, and by result a reduction in employee paychecks.

Larger corporations on the other hand get to remain unaffected, with hundreds of employees, they can have full time coverage and still afford to pay their employees.

They simply place their bowls out and the federal government feeds them like the pets they are.

While the employees of small businesses themselves may receive some, albeit a pitiful, amount of money from the federal government, the stores themselves are offered nothing more than a loan.

These loans do nothing as the businesses are already sinking into a bottomless pit, and taking the loan will only dig them deeper and prolong their suffering.

This “show of kindness” is nothing more than the government handing these sinking businesses a shovel and telling them to fight their way out. If they take the loan, they find themselves digging ever closer to hell, complete bankruptcy and closure.

Larger companies on the other hand are treated like kings and queens, given millions upon billions of dollars to stay afloat, regardless if they need it or not.

Small businesses are essential, they help small town economies prosper, they support sports teams or local residents. They put money back into the community and keep things close to home.

Small businesses are lifelong dreams for people, but the moment a pandemic strikes, they’re taken out back and shot in the head like Lassie.

These people take pride in their work, in direct relationships with their bosses.

Most larger corporations couldn’t care less about their employees and these federal bailouts serve as nothing more than another inclusion to their checkbook, while their employees stumble into work exposing themselves each day, and the government gives them nothing more than a sign that says they are “heroes” while writing a check to their bosses.

This pandemic has violently opened up the cracks in the country’s foundation and exposed harsh realities of capitalism and government. One of many being, just how unprotected the workforce and small businesses that keep the economy going are. A crisis of this magnitude needed immediate and efficient action from the government to protect all Americans, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Just how disconnected are they from the citizens that they swore to serve?

Some Americans believe the best solution is merely to re-open businesses, so no one will have to worry about money again, but that is frankly the worst possible solution.

We should not have to risk our lives, our children and our families, just because our federal government is incompetent and negligent and capitalists are greedy.

It is time to hold the people in charge accountable. They are supposed to help benefit the worst off in our society, not merely large companies.

If they want their positions they need to earn it, and now is the time more than ever to write to your politicians and demand change. Vote for candidates that honestly support the things you value and need most. It is the time to call out our federal government on their inadequacy and disgraceful policies.

Frankly, now is the time for every American to look at their leaders and say, do your fucking job.