A Hodge- Womens Soccer (New Brief)

Anthony Hodge

“Words can’t describe what you can do to make they’re day, it was priceless,” Ruben Gonzalez said, woman’s soccer coach who visited the Casa Hogar Santa Teresita de Jesus Orphanage in Tijuana on Jan. 7.

While students were enjoying there final week of their vacation, Ruben Gonzalez took time off of his vacation and brought his wife Senaida, Sandra Coto, Tatiana Cortes, Jacqueline Cisneros, and his Bishop Amat High School soccer players to visit the orphanage for Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day).

This group donated over $3,000 to the group of young girls.

“They were really excited,” Coto said, freshman goalkeeper who attended for the first time.”Especially with the food they were getting and the drinks, so it was just mostly excitement.”

Food and drinks were given, as well as soccer balls. After that, the orphans hit the pinata and played a soccer game against both soccer teams.

“It was like four-on-five,” Cortes said, the sophomore midfielder who visited for a second time. “It was so competitive and one of the caretakers gets really rowdy.”

Cortes also stated that the mini game was her most enjoyable moment.

“You don’t really see the lifestyle until you actually experience it,” Coto said. “When you actually get there, you actually feel the emotion, how it is over there.”

The orphans sang a thank you song to the group, and said their goodbyes. After that, the team went home.

“I gained that reassurance that nothing is given, and I shouldn’t take for granted what’s given to me,” Cortes said.

Coach Gonzalez is very thankful for giving back to those who are less fortunate.