Cerritos College leads in NATTYCAA


Located in the Falcon gymnasium, the trophy hall holds great achievements displayed by the athleticism of the Cerritos sports programs.Photo credit: Amairani Mendez

Cerritos College scored first place in the State Associations Division with  98.5 points, and with second place, Mt San Antonio College scored 89.5 in the championship.

The State Associations Division (NATYCAA) Cup Scoring Criteria is approved by the California Community College Sports(CCAA). NATTYCAA is the short version for National Alliance of Two-Year College Athletic Administrators. 

“Each College can use its best five women’s sports and best five men’s sports toward a total college score.

“All scores combined makes a maximum of 20 points. People responsible of combining the scores are The National Athletic directors of all colleges,” Dean of Athletics, Dr. Daniel Smith said.

Athletic directors are the people who make this program which keeps scoring of which schools are in the top 10 in California. Cerritos College has first place.

Cerritos College input sports such as men’s cross country, football, soccer, wresting and water polo. And women sports like golf, cross county, soccer, volleyball, water polo and women’s basketball.

With the points received, women’s soccer scored the maximum points of 20, followed by women’s cross country with a score of 16. Men’s cross country had 17.0, men’s soccer 14.5, wrestling 13.0, men’s water polo 9.5 and football had 8.5.

Spring semester will also add to the scoring. According to Smith, “For women cross country, soccer, we only have two, so that means three of our women’s teams in spring have to make it deep in the playoffs.”

He believes women’s tennis can make it through the playoffs for spring semester.

As for the results, women’s soccer made it to the highest point and overall range of all sports, and put Cerritos College ahead in the competition.

“There is a big and nice lunch and an award in Orlando, Florida,” Smith said.

If Cerritos College makes it through the athletics competition it will have the opportunity to travel and get an award.

Smith is proud to announce that Cerritos College has been making it to the top No. 1 spot.