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Off The Field: Batter-up! Game on, Baseball.

Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tri / Chicago Tribune
Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo stands on a practice field during a spring training workout Feb. 17 in Mesa, Ariz. [ Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tri / Chicago Tribune]

Major League Baseball will definitely take place as both the ownership and the players union are working together to get back on the field as soon as mid-May.

The plan, at least according to news reports, is to bring all 30 teams to the spring training facilities in Arizona and have multiple teams playing to the roaring of the empty stands.

Look, let’s be honest about it all: The situation is not ideal.

Neither are the situations where we must give a little more than we are used to, to get what we want.

I want baseball to be back on my screen and I want someone to disagree with me about the game, the night before and start a discussion over it with again.

I want to see what stupid “air five” routines players do after turning in an impossible play or re-take the lead after putting it all out on the field.

Watching all of that happen will be music to my ears and millions of fans. To top it all off your wallet will thank you since you are not paying $20 for a beer or $6 for a hotdog during a game.

Whether you agree with this decision or not you can understand why it is being considered by both the commissioner and the players of Major League Baseball.

Derrick Coleman
“Off The Field” is a column dedicated to sports opinions from various writers within Talon Marks. Stories are published on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Teams have to appease to a shrinking fanbase and have to field their product to keep the sponsors from looking elsewhere to advertise.

If a baseball game is played and there is no one to watch, does it really happen?

In the same way, you ask yourself that timeless question: “if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?”

There is a new proposal for a robot umpire who calls balls and strikes which sounds like something someone pulled out of a cheesy ’80s movie script, a joke in itself but necessary due to the social distancing.

Crazy to think that in the Land that gave birth to the high five is now forbidden to do so.

Are there any fines coming for the players who high five or pat each other on the back after a “good job”?

The idea just sounds wrong on so many levels.

According to The Guardian, teams would play three games a day when they play in what is the home field of the Diamondbacks that is Chase Field.

The traditional “Spring Training” fields would host one game after the sun goes down keeping most of the ugly weather down underneath the stars.

Play ball!

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About the Contributor
Luis Lemus
Luis Lemus, Co-Sports Editor
Luis is very big on baseball and tries to attend as many games as he can when there are no classes, of course. When he is not in class or attending a baseball game, he enjoys listening to music, specifically Hip-Hop and Banda. Specifically Banda MS, Banda La Adictiva and Banda El Recodo.
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Off The Field: Batter-up! Game on, Baseball.