Angel City Sports: Local organization provides sports to the disabled community

Luis Lemus and Derrick Coleman

There are many great organizations throughout the disabled community. They all want to make “disabled living“ as normal as can be.

That includes sports.

One of the organizations who are facing this somewhat-daunting task head-on is Angel City Sports.

Getting the chance of talking to the founder and CEO Clayton Frech was a great insight into how the organization began, where its current state is and finding out his thoughts on what the future has in store for the organization.

“So, uh I never thought I’d be in the world of sports or disability but my journey began 15 years ago with the birth of my first son”, Frech said.

“He was born with some limb differences, his left knee his left fibula. He had a little foot it was kind of curved up towards his waist and he only had one finger on his left hand”, he added.

Frech continued, saying they chose to amputate the foot and transplant one of the toes to the left hand to make a hand with one big finger, into one with two.

“Really the definition of a hand is the ability to oppose so that was amazing,” he explained.

In that same procedure, they amputated his left knee, allowing a prosthesis to be used which is aimed to improve life in many ways.

Thanks in large part to those early decisions by the Frech family, their son has always been an athlete like being quarterback for his flag football team, baseball, some soccer and lots of basketball adding that he excelled in adding that as an “Above knee amputee“ is very difficult.

The family has been a part of the amputee community since their son was 5 months old.

Frech commented on how he started this special organization, “I wouldn’t have been in this community with my son. He’s the reason I am involved in the disabled community at all.”

In all, the Frechs’ vision came to life and he described his thoughts on Angel City Sports.

Frech said, “He thinks that the process for getting Angel City Sports was they need to be local and they need to be free.”

The Angel City Sports creates the events and makes them accessible for everybody in Southern California.

They are able to hold events at famous facilities, such as UCLA.

About 30 sport events are held by The Angel City Sports organizations, with golf being the most popular.