Miles Ceballos: Chasing the Dream

Miles Ceballos driving down court against LACC Cubs Photo credit: Daryl Peterson
Miles Ceballos driving down court against LACC Cubs Photo credit: Daryl Peterson

Son of former NBA Player Cedric Ceballos, Cerritos College men’s basketball player Miles Ceballos understands the higher expectations that are put on him due to the name on the back of his jersey but he doesn’t let that affect his play.

“I never let that affect me, he always taught me to be my own player, my whole family encouraged everybody who played, and had my last name to be your own player, don’t feel like you have to meet everybody’s expectations”, said Miles Ceballos.

Miles Ceballos’ basketball journey started when he was just 3 years old, playing in local parks and rec leagues across Los Angeles.

“I started playing when I was 3 just in park and rec leagues, and I was playing up and we had to lie about my age and say I was 5 but I started when I was 3”, said Miles Ceballos.

Before playing college ball, Miles Ceballos played at Crossroads High School in Santa Monica, where he would find tons of success playing.

Miles Ceballos running down court in game against El Camino (Michael Delgado)

He averaged 18 points a game in his senior year and helped lead his team to a state championship as a sophomore, while also earning a 1st Team All-Gold Coast during his senior year.

He recalls his high school days as one of his favorite teams he was a part of, “It was fun, I would say most of it was just a blur it went by really fast, but that was probably one of my favorite teams,” said Miles Ceballos.

“My coach Anthony Davis he was a great coach, he just always believed in me since I was a freshman and I had him all four years and I came in when I was 13 so having him all those four years was great for me”, said Miles Ceballos.

Miles Ceballos freshman year of college started at Ventura College only playing in four games but after one season he decided to transfer and play for Cerritos.

“After leaving Ventura, Cerritos was the first school to contact me, when I first met coach Tito (Ortiz) and coach Russ (Everett) I felt like, ‘yeah I want to play here’, they wanted me to play here like I should go where I’m wanted and not where I’m needed,” said Miles Ceballos.

He shows high praise for his Head Coach Russ Everett and thanks him for being understanding and approachable on and off the court.

“Coach May is great, I say him even off the court he just checks in on his players and makes sure we’re all good, you could ask him anything during practice he’s not gonna flip out he understands his players, I say he’s one of the more approachable coaches I’ve ever had,” Miles Ceballos explained.

His first season as a Falcon was as a red shirt but during this time it was a learning experience for Miles Ceballos

It was really just about learning, seeing how the coaches coach and how the offense can be run, watching film and obviously seeing everyone in practice and seeing the different things that I could be doing next year and visualizing myself on the court next year,” said Miles Ceballos.

Growing up Miles Ceballos lived in a household with his mom, sister and grandma, as he gets older he appreciates them even more and hopes to be able to provide for all three of them when his career is settled.

Miles Ceballos free throw attempt (Michael Delgado)

“Going home to those three every day from kindergarten to now I just feel like wanting to provide for them when I’m all done when it’s all set and done having them relax because they did as much as could for me,” said Miles Ceballos.

Miles Ceballos shines appreciation on his mother Gina, whom he refers to as his best friend, he is beyond thankful for everything she provided for him growing up and remains grateful for the lessons she teaches him to this day as a young adult.

“Me and my mom are real close, she’s at all the games she’s the first person I greet after the games, I feel like as I’m getting older she’s becoming more of my best friend, I could just tell her whatever,” Miles Ceballos expressed.

“She made sure I had everything, I had nothing to worry about, didn’t have to worry about the next meal, she had everything covered and she’s taught me the most out of anybody and I’m still learning from her and she’s just the best,” said Miles Ceballos.

After Cerritos, he plans on going to whatever school gives him an offer whether that’s at the D1 or D2 level.

Miles Ceballos has his eyes set on making it to the league and understands the challenges that’ll come his way during his journey.

“I just gotta keep doing what I’m doing, just stay consistent in what I’m doing and just keep that motor high, I feel like that can be a big thing for me even finishing out this season and continuing it even more next year,” said Miles Ceballos





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