Cerritos men’s basketball adds superstar freshman to roster


Courtesy of Kameron Mayhan

Kameron Mayhan sparks up a conversation with a referee during a game as he is playing for the HomeTown Favorites. Mayhan is considered an impactful player in every game.

Keanu Ruffo, Sports Editor

For incoming freshman Kameron Mayhan, his athleticism in the game of basketball and ability to play any position will have a big impact in any game he plays in.

There’s not too many players that have this ability like Mayhan does.

“He’ll be able to impact the game on both ends of the floor,” Cerritos College Head Coach Russ May said.

May went on to acknowledge his athleticism and ability to play any position he places him in.

“Kameron is a multi-positional player and can play all over the floor,” May said.

Mayhan’s goal is simple. He wants to take the team to the playoffs and win it all.

At the same time, he also plans on being consistent with his stat line.

“I’m looking forward to putting up some good stats and hopefully get some coaches calling and we’ll go from there,” Mayhan said.

When watching Mayhans’s highlights from when he attended Gardena High School, May noted that Kameron is a tremendous scorer and realized Mayhan will be a key player for Cerritos.

“He is very long and athletic and has great instincts for the basketball,” May shared.

Mayhan has to start the season with a good work ethic despite being in a pandemic, in order to be a tough competitor for other defenders he’s going to be battling against.

“I go to the gym as often as I can and I’ll go running at the beach or I’ll run some stairs,” Mayhan said.

“I also have a workout routine that I do at home every day.”

For Mayhan, not only does he have to be physically fit during his first season with the Falcons but be mentally fit as well.

“I got to be focused coming into the season, especially with the limited time we have to prepare in order to learn the new system and create chemistry with my teammates.”

An approval date for athletes to return to campus for practice and workouts is still not confirmed.

Mayhan describes what his mindset will be like once the team is allowed to head back to practice.

“I got to have a killer instinct coming in and compete at a high-level at every practice and game.”

When practices and games are confirmed for the basketball team to return to campus, Mayhan is ready to get down to business and show what he’s got on the court.