Cerritos Women’s Basketball loses a tough one to ELAC


derrick coleman

Mariah Lora Guard Sophomore guarding Delilah Kimbl-Gray. The Falcons Women’s basketball team went on to lose 62-54 on Jan 15. 2020. Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Keanu Ruffo, Staff Writer

The Cerritos College Women’s basketball team lost their game on Jan. 15 to the Huskies of East Los Angeles College with a score of 62-54.

This loss makes it Cerritos’ tenth loss of the season while sitting next to seven wins.

In the fourth quarter, Cerritos started digging themselves out from what it looked to be a blowout, but instead closed the lead on ELAC.

With about two minutes left in the game, the Falcons trailed the Huskies 56-54 looking to take the lead.

After failing to tie the Huskies on their next offensive possession, ELAC countered back on Cerritos by scoring their next six points to secure the win.

Execution and finishing on offensive possessions was something the Falcons couldn’t quite hold onto coming down the stretch.

Cerritos’ Head Coach, Trisha Kozlowski, shared what she wished her ladies would’ve executed when her team was down by two.

“I wished we would’ve gotten back on defense in one possession. We gave one of their role players No. 24 a couple of shots on us whom we should’ve been out there guarding.”

Sophomore Falcon, Sarah Hernandez No. 13, who had a game-high of 23 points, also mentioned what she and the team should’ve done in the last two minutes and throughout the game.

“Sticking to the game plan. We had moments where we lost track of who we were guarding and in those moments they had easy layups. That was pretty much the game right there.”

On fast-breaks alone, the Falcons allowed eight points where the majority of those points occurred in the last minutes of the game.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Falcons committed 21 turnovers while their shooting percentage was 40.3 percent.

“We’re going to come out with more energy and shoot with more confidence,” said sophomore Falcon Point Guard Mariah Lora No. 2, who mentioned what the key offensive factors will be going into the next game.

Statistically, Cerritos edged the Huskies by having more rebounds (47), assists (14), points off turnovers that ELAC made (17), second-chance points(9), and points close to the basket (32).

Besides the loss, Kozlowski had some positive things to say about her team.

“I thought our team fought. I thought we battled. I thought we executed our game plan. We were great in terms of individual scouts and we made some endgame adjustments that kept us in the game.”