Talon Marks

Go Green goals discussed, game room decision postponed

Jennifer Medina, Associate News Editor

November 19, 2014

“In comparison to other community colleges, Cerritos College is dramatically behind the term of being ‘sustainable’ especially in comparison to community colleges up north, specifically in transportation, energy efficiency...

Game over for the Game Room?

Denny Cristales, Editor-in-Chief

November 18, 2014

It seems like it could be “game over” for the Game Room. Discussions at ASCC have intensified regarding the Game Room and the possibility of removing it entirely and replacing it with something else. The Game Room has been...

New fitness program discussed at Cabinet meeting

Jennifer Medina

November 18, 2014

Debbie Jensen, Physical Education professor gave a deliberate presentation Monday, Nov. 17, during the Cabinet meeting about the Pedal program that she is trying to initiate on campus. At the beginning of her presentation,...

‘Shhhhh’: Noise an issue in library, Student Center

Denny Cristales

November 17, 2014

Students expressed one irony about the library - it's too loud.   Noise has become an issue for students regarding the Student Center and library areas. There is concern with students and ASCC members that the...

History Professor Haas to interview MIT Professor Chomsky

Abraham Venegas, Staff Writer

November 17, 2014

The name Noam Chomsky might bring a different reaction to different people. Some consider him a champion of social justice, while others consider him a mere agitator with misplaced views, but few have had the opportunity to sit...

Nov. 14 | News Roundup

November 14, 2014

Active Minds holds fundraiser for Stress Less Week

Maria Lopez, Online Editor

November 13, 2014

As finals week looms in the horizon, Active Minds had a bake sale and opportunity drawing to raise money for its future events on campus, which will help students cope with the stress of nearing the end of the semester. The...

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