Active Minds offers resourceful programs to reduce stress

Sebastian Aguayo, Staff Writer

“Stress Less is student success” seems to be the motto for the Active Minds Club as students from Cerritos College enter finals week.

With ideas being thrown left to right, Adrian Gomez, president of the Active Minds Club, seem optimistic that this semester will be successful.

Huge plans for this Stress Less Week may include stress balls, releasing of biodegradable balloons and possibly featuring a therapy dog for the students who feel overwhelmed.

‘We try to do optimal events that will help alleviate stress for the students, such as finals, or even in general,” Gomez said.

But that’s not what the club is all about.

As part of a chapter from a National unit, the Active Minds Club is relatively small club with a handful of active members who work diligently to raise the awareness of mental illness.

With funds from events that it hosts, such as Stomp-Out Stigma, Chalk Out and from bake sales, it plans to provide further positive events for students.

Awareness weeks for students at Cerritos College, such as National Disorder Week, Suicide Prevention Week and the aforementioned Stress Less Week are just part of the agenda for the Active Minds Club, as well.

With the club having a new adviser, Steve Livigne, who is also a counselor for the DSPS office, it plans to build a support system for the school and the club.

“[Livgne] is a big inspiration and brings a positive aspect to the club,” Gomez said.

The Active Minds Club hopes to provide the students with resources and direct them to Student Health Services, in which they’ll be able to go to group therapy at the Wellness Center and receive help with issues or concerns that they have.