Business professor voices concern over recent faculty evaluation

Jennifer Medina, News Copy Editor

After receiving a 22 page ‘Probationary Faculty Evaluation’ that remarked a ‘Unsatisfactory Review’ for Fall of 2014, which puts Ramos’ teaching career in danger at Cerritos College, he attended the student Senate meeting to inform students of his evaluation.

“What I am concerned about is that this evaluation would really show who I am as an instructor and the best I do for student success all around,” stated instructor of Business Administration, Gerardo (Jerry) Ramos.

He added, “I am just informing students of how I’ve been evaluated, all of this information really concerns me, and I’m just wondering if this is really what the instructors should be getting in order to learn and grow as stated in the evaluation report.”

The report states that Professor Ramos does not know how to present a classroom or how to present assessment techniques.

“…The evaluation is a peer-to-peer evaluation to help me learn to grow and to build, but it concerns me that some of the comments say I use too many power points slides, not using enough, giving students time in between power point slides to take notes, or not posting power point slides on Talon net, which I do.”

Ramos, said he has attended seminars where he learned how to input different techniques in his classes, which according to him he puts to practice.

Ramos says he is also concerned that the students’ voice did not show up in the report, and he believes it should have.

Although the students’ voice did not show up in the report some students like Commissioner Aldemar Sanchez and Victor Villalobos, an accounting major, are affected by the news and have chosen to speak up.

“I have never taken his classes but I know professor Ramos from the Phi Beta Alumna club and he is a really great professor and really great mentor and adviser to us,” said Sanchez..

Sanchez said that his students are engaged in his classes.

“He is one of of the most involved advisers in campus, he even gave up some his own money to help students go to Phi Beta Alumna Leadership conference, and not that many professors on campus do that,” he added.

Victor Villalobos the other student who is in support of Ramos stated that Jerry Ramos has helped him become more involved on campus.

“Because of Jerry Ramos I am now involved deeper in the Cerritos college community, and what is happening to him is unjust, if you take a look at the report it states minor things which I find ridiculous, I am in support of Jerry Ramos and I will be attending every meeting there is in order to support him,” Villalobos said.

A very concerned Ramos, also stated that his department uses statistics of student success and retention rates where he is above above average.

Ramos has 10 days to respond to Human Resources.

“I have ten days to reply to human sources and that’s what I am going to do, so I still have an opportunity for a rebuttal, but as of right now if I do nothing if I just say ‘okay’ and accept it, then I am fired, meaning I will not be teaching as of summer 2015.”

Ramos will be at attending the faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees meeting on Dec. 10.